Activate your intimate and every-day relationships with innovative practices, wisdom and practical tools.

Activate Awakened Relationships

Let’s face it. Most relationships have become boring. They lose their spark, their juice and their energy (assuming they had any of those elements to begin with).

The reason is simple; most people have lost touch with their higher selves.

Consequently their relationships are based in fear, control, obligation, and the need for approval. In short, their lives are run by the ego mind instead of the heart. But there is another way…

One of our main points of struggle and suffering is the timeless conflicts with Relating

This community led Relationship Activation is here to empower you with the foundational knowledge and skills you need to create genuine trust, openness and connection, passion and playfulness with everyone you meet.

These practical tools and exercises are essential to sustaining passionate relationships and foundational for healthy relationships at home, at work and in leadership.

Come for your major relationship upgrade all in one day.

Here’s what you’ll learn and experience:

  • The art and skill of creating deep, integral and clean contact and connection.
  • The simple yet powerful dynamics of fulfilling communication.
  • You’ll tap into your body wisdom to create healthy and strong boundaries and soften overprotective boundaries based on past affliction.
  • Embody the 3 flows of polarity creation to expand love, create passion and deepen safe trust.
Relationship Activation


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What if you could be the leader with all your strengths and brilliance with none of the triggers and nothing to prove?

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