Activate your personal power with modern advancements on an ancient enlightenment process.

There is a lot of confusion about what true power is, how to get it and what its source is.

Our aim for you is to discover directly the source of true power through your own personal experience. Wisdom keepers of all generations and places point to enlightenment being found within and the value of its search.

At this Power Activation you will go through simple and powerful practices and experiences sourced in ancient wisdom refined with modern precision to discover who you are and your connection with existence.

WarriorSage Power Activation

You will learn exact spiritual methods to eliminate the subconscious imprints keeping your enlightened power repressed, contained or squashed. Knowing and living from your true self is the key to a life of equilibrium, harmony and egoless power. Then your capacities become heightened and your path becomes clear and inspired.

Here’s what you’ll learn and experience:

  • Clear shame, guilt and self-sabotage of your shadow side with power.
  • Discover your true Self through a modern advancement of an ancient zen meditation.
  • Integrate qualities you admire around power, influence and impact.
  • Strengthen, purify and hone your leadership skills.
  • Real connection and celebration with fellow WarriorSage Community Members.
Power Activation


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What if you could be the leader with all your strengths and brilliance with none of the triggers and nothing to prove?

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