You Are Invited to Join an Elite Group Who Accelerate Success and Freedom Through Complete Awakening

We’re here to ignite passion, live freedom and embody love – both for ourselves and for the world

We are not people who settle for mediocrity in life or love.

We are a group of individualistic, forward thinking, action-oriented transformational agents and leaders and we want to invite you to consider joining this powerful path...

We come together in this Inner Circle to study what has come to be known as the Path of the WarriorSage. This is an integrated and actionable set of practices that includes awakening your sacred sexuality, gaining and growing enlightened wealth and honing your conscious power, influence and reach.

We meet once a week for up to 120 minutes.

During these “workshop” calls together, we magnify the areas in your life that serve your greatest freedom.

This includes your mindset, family, finance, fitness and yes – fun.

Together we grow and strengthen what you feel needs to grow – and build on your success in each of these areas.

Unlike more limited programs, we work on removing the obstacles and limitations to your expansion on all levels of being.

We craft real-world realities from the dreams and desires of our deepest soul.

We make them real.

We support each other in intention and camaraderie, in friendship, in honesty, in transparency.

As an amazing group of leaders and emerging leaders, we are forging way past mere self-enlightenment or lecture enlightenment...

You’ve talked enough, you’ve read enough, you've listened enough...

And now you are ready to be part of a high-level collective that is action-oriented, week, after week, after week after week.

You and we know that only concerted effort over long periods of time can create great, lasting and enduring strength

Only concerted effort over time can cultivate the kind of wisdom and power that grows stronger as we get older.

This Path of the WariorSage is definitely not for everyone.

We do not say this as a gimmick to limit entrance - but truly, because it's a path outside of the boxes of what might be considered “normal” in society.

In fact, you will begin your practices within this Path of the Warrior Sage by examining and dissolving where you are locked up, held up, where your presence and power are unconsciously leaking.

So that you can walk this path cleanly, removing the traps and constrictions you’ve been living, survival strategies that you’ve been you've carrying since childhood – or even before.

To be part of this group, there are certain requirements.

These won’t be policed, but expected. Your integrity is your own police. Your integrity, your action and your follow-through are their own rewards.

The Path of the WarriorSage is about igniting passion, your passion, igniting freedom, living freedom and embodying love for yourself.

It is about supporting those around you and in the world at large to achieve the same, or to move valiantly in that direction, gently, yet powerful.

It’s for those who consider themselves their own leader and wish to combine forces with others who are also their own leader.

It is a place where you can be understood for the mantle of responsibility and actions you take in the world.

It’s for you if you wish to be around peers who can uplift each other, simply by their mere presence and experience.

There will be required reading assignments, so that we're all congruently studying source materials in the realms of freedom, sacred sexuality, money mastery and the spectrums of life.

We all deep dive and up level, from the core, from the inside out, at a being level.

You'll be taught practices that help shift your consciousness rapidly from limitation to boundless possibility. Your responsibility is to practice these self-realization methods on yourself as part of your homework with the intention to move yourself and our collective forward.

We also meet for retreats during the year.

Although these are not a requirement, they are reserved for only members of this Inner Circle of WarriorSages and their spouses and families.

This Path of the Warrior Sage is about living from the source of your equilibrium.

It is about cultivating the power of the warrior - your capacity to have and act, and the wisdom of the sage - your joyful spiritual freedom that goes beyond belief systems, doctrines, philosophies and boxes that would seek to keep you confined in their clique.

This circle helps you move beyond where you're at now into a new dimension, a higher dimension, a deeper dive into your spirit further than you've gone before.

If you're called to a path that doesn't require pumping up your energy and pronouncing enthusiastic declarations, a path that cultivates deep silent power, the power that creates the most impact and change in effect and ripple from the least amount of efforting, then you're welcome.

We invite you to have a chat with one of our senior members and trainers and see if this is something that's a fit for you.

WarriorSages are an incredible group of leaders, entrepreneurs, change makers and cultural creatives who are dedicated to personal, professional and world level impact and evolution.

If we feel you are a strong fit after reviewing your application form, we’ll send you the link to purchase your seat and officially welcome you to our WarriorSage tribe.

Take the first step to joining us and unleashing your greatest capacity by filling in the application below.

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