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Transcendent CEO Retreats

Our Transcendent CEO retreats and intensives are a sanctuary for growth, rest, transformation, energetic healing and so much more.

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Transcendent CEO Mastermind

An exclusive mastermind of founder / CEOs who are personally mentored by Satyen to bring their whole life into equilibrium, peak existence and limitless potential. We meet on a regular basis for one on one coaching and mentoring, group masterminding and exclusive retreats.

This is for accomplished business leaders who wish to take their personal and professional lives to whole new dimension of being as well as grow their companies sourced from deep purpose. 
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Bespoke seminars, coaching, mentoring and retreats for companies with world-class teams. Creating a coherent and impassioned team achieving extraordinary results taking the path of least resistance and boundless potential.

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Transcendent Legacy

Satyen and Suzanne's most exclusive private mentorship for who have achieved great success and are being called to the legacy phase of their life.

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Sex, Passion &
Enlightenment Weekend

Online weekend intensives for couples who wish to experience greater sex, passion and enlightenment in their intimate relationships.  For over 10,000 participants in the past 21 years.

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A profound self realization mediation retreat to awaken to your true nature and experience enlightenment for yourself.

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Couple Retreat

Exclusive seminars, coaching, mentoring and retreats for couples who wish to take their relationship to a whole new dimension of connection, unity and ecstasy. These trainings are designed for couples to cultivate a lifetime of passion, love and evolution.


New Books by Satyen Raja Available Now

CEO & Culture

This quintessential leadership guide combines Transcendent CEO and Transcendent Culture in one Book set.

Path of the Warriorsage

An inspiring and artistic journey of spiritual teachings, practical wisdom and stimulating visuals.

What if you could be the leader with all your strengths and brilliance with none of the triggers and nothing to prove?

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