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Emotional Baggage 

Published on |  06 May 2023 Satyen Raja, is that rare thing, a truly wise man blending the likes of ancient wisdom and neuroscience to dispense very modern advice on healing our hurts. Author, healer, guru: Satyen Raja is a curious mix of all…

Published Articles

Power Play: Leading from Within 

Published on In today’s rapidly changing business environment, leadership is more multifaceted than ever. It transcends the mere routine tasks of administration or the simple management of teams. True leadership is rooted in our ability to access our deepest inherent strengths and, in turn,…

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How to Activate an Organizational Culture that Impacts Your Bottom Line: Satyen Raja on The Resilient Mind Podcast 

Are you on a mission to evolve as a transformative leader and create a harmonious organizational culture? Transcendent Leadership, as explored by Satyen Raja and Eric Balance on The Resilient Minds Podcast, offers a compelling approach to achieving this. In their discussion, they uncover: 1….