My Father’s side are Entrepreneurs going back generations and Warriors going way back.
My Mother’s side are Social Servants humanitarians going back generations.
These two polarities are far from each other in my native Indian culture.
Usually they didn’t mix… accept for the few mavericks who ventured into the inner landscape intuiting that their pursuit of enlightenment would purify and mature their ambitions for success.
As a boy I felt a deep disconnect with the status quo which sparked a deep hunger for Truth and Enlightenment, leading me to the path to Shaolin KungFu, many Spiritual paths, and Holistic Healing.
By 18 I was a full time Shiatsu Therapist by day and KungFu teacher by night.
I had to learn how to run a Clinic and Martial Arts School.
Unlike Monks and healers of olden days ,being supported by alms from the people and royalty , I had to learn the hard and long way to run a clinic and school, which entails all the business functions,like marketing, sales ,service and many more.
I had to learn not only how to survive yet thrive in a World of commerce…as well as take our students deep into the heart of awakening to Truth and realizing their ultimate Power.
Over the years I’ve started and built 8 small companies and advised/mentored many hundreds all in the fields of human potential ,healing and betterment of the Planet.
What I’ve come to realize is that the Path of the Entrepreneur and the Path of the Spiritual Seeker have at their core the mastery of Self.
When approached from the stance that everything is a journey of Spiritual growth/ or Sadhna as Hindu’s say, then Business becomes a profoundly fertile ground to examine one’s inner terrain and direct reflection of one’s alignment with our Divine Nature and Source itself.
The spiritual path and business path gives us fundamental Dualities of Life to reconcile and awaken into Oneness.
From doing vs non doing…Striving vs Surrender…Going for Goals vs Non Attachment… Personal Freedom vs Freedom for All.
There are countless lessons with the accelerated high stakes game of Entrepreneurship that are directly spiritual and reflect back how our inner game mirrors our outer game.
In this era ,many Entrepreneurs are actively pursuing consciousness expansion through personal growth ,meditation ,Psychedelic journeys and spiritual pilgrimages.And it’s only growing.
The ones who have found abiding peace,fulfillment and natural flow state ,are the ones whom have unified Spirt and the pursuit of Freedom.
The Path is sometimes hard to find ,easy to lose… and yet always there in front of us.
Blessings for your unique path to home within