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A Crisis in Leadership: What’s holding you back?

Whether it’s climate change, politics or economics, our business world has a universal, widespread crisis in leadership.

In this episode of Green Planet Blue Planet, Satyen Raja, author of Transcendental CEO and founder of WarriorSage, explores this leadership crisis with Host Julian Guderley observing the patterns among those who are called to business leadership that cause them to lose their way and disconnect  from spirit, heart and soul as though they are detriments to business success. The opposite is true, Satyen says. Enlightenment leads to the Greater Good.

Satyen and his wife Suzanne are the founders of Sage Warriors, whose mission is to enlighten, unify and mobilize leaders for higher purpose. The discussion winds through benevolent AI and what’s needed to ensure AI is evolved for a higher cause, and the trimtabs to a better business environment.

“We have all the knowledge, we have all the intellect. We have the incredible scholarly capacity of brilliant minds around the world, to be able to have brilliant creations and technologies, we have all the technology on the planet we need. We actually have all the resources, all the money, all the human power that we need. What we’re lacking is the enlightenment of our leadership.”

As a transcendental leadership coach, Satyen and his wife Suzzanne guide CEOs and business leaders to their purpose so they can do it, and down the path to transformation and spiritual evolution so they may lead a fuller life with improved relationships.

WarriorSage is based on five pillars: power, heart, freedom, flow, and wisdom, and questions. . Tune in to Better Worlds YouTube Channel to hear this insightful conversation focusing on the deepest purpose, crafting teams with heart and leading organizations with a vision that evokes the collective spirit to move forward.For more on Leadership Enlightenment, WarriorSage and Satyen, visit

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Satyen Raja

Founder & CEO of WarriorSage

Author of Transcendent CEO

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