Published on |  06 May 2023

Satyen Raja, is that rare thing, a truly wise man blending the likes of ancient wisdom and neuroscience to dispense very modern advice on healing our hurts.

Author, healer, guru: Satyen Raja is a curious mix of all three, live on zoom and sitting in a very zen room in Vancouver Canada. Trained in over 40 healing modalities in over 43 years, he says that he “embarked on the holy grail of healing, which I call ‘accelerated evolution’ to help people go from pain, suffering and problematic states of being to peace, tranquility and enlightenment.” As a renowned author, speaker and transformational coach, Satyen has been changing people’s lives for over 45 years including those of top CEOs, political leaders and esteemed global influencers.

In his new book ‘Accelerated Evolution’ – a sage mixture of ancient wisdom, modern psychology, neuroscience and cutting edge technology – he shares knowledge on issues such as limiting beliefs, traumas and unconscious family loyalties. He offers strategies for dealing with anxiety and mitigating emotional baggage.

“Emotional baggage is when we have had negative experiences in the past and we haven’t been able to process them,” he explains, “so they’re still haunting us. Emotional baggage keeps us from living a life of freedom and joy.” It’s related to trauma which is an extreme form of the build-up of baggage. Trauma can be physical – say from an accident – or mental and emotional. “Traumas are amplified baggage that sticks in deep,” says Satyen. “This is a major source of suffering in society.”

Indeed apparently everyone has emotional baggage. “Some of it is pronounced and obvious or it can raise its ugly head. We’ll beat ourselves up or we’ll say something from a place of reactivity and lashing out.” Emotional baggage can manifest as repetitive negative thoughts or recurring negative images in the mind. It accumulates in our feelings and we feel heavier or we don’t sleep as deeply. We can become more neurotic due to these unprocessed life experiences.

He says that particularly with mature and conscious women – in mind body and spirit – there’s a very powerful empathic side and thus its harder to get rid of the baggage. Satyen believes that women are the holders of wisdom and love in their bodies and that emotional baggage affects women even more in a negative or detrimental way. “We seek distractions – TV shows and magazines, food and addictions. It can show up in self sabotaging behaviours.”

So what is his advice to heal your emotional baggage? What are his tips?

“You can get in touch with that baggage and how you experience it in your body – your belly, your breath, your throat. Give yourself lots of love and acceptance the way it is.”

Secondly he says to bring your awareness to what images are there in your mind, what thoughts are in your mind, what self-talk you are giving yourself. “What are the body sensations that go along with the accumulations? Feel all of that fully. Bring your awareness to it and start a transformation process where the baggage opens up like a flower within you.” You can apply mindfulness to your emotional baggage and be lovingly aware of the images you have in your mind. When you recall the images in your mind be aware of your emotions and your body sensations. Bring loving mindfulness and emotions to the images and body sensations weighing you down.

What would Satyen say, for example to someone who’d experienced a lot of rejection, in their professional life and their long-term relationships? Surely that’s one of the ultimate examples of emotional baggage weighing you down? “Whatever’s happened in the past is perfect in your evolutionary path up until now,” he says knowingly. “A lack of self-worth can generate more rejection. Stop rejecting yourself. Love and accept the beauty of all of you. The past rejections were gifts to help you become who you are today.”

In his book and on his website he says he’s created specific methods you can learn for yourself to clear your baggage in minutes rather than to take months or years in traditional healing paths. Satyen has a body of expertly trained coaches who can help transform baggage to opportunity in minutes.

So when is the best time to address your emotional baggage? Before entering a new relationship? In your 50s, 60s, 70s or beyond? “The most important time is now,” urges Satyen. “The more you wait the more toxic it becomes. The time to face it is when you know there’s more joy to be lived in life, when you’re ready for more personal and professional success.”

And ultimately, he believes that we can build positive things out of negatives like baggage. “Baggage is a pathway to wholeness. Find the courage and self-love to address it in a loving way, in a gentle way. Baggage can transform and bring us back into wholeness.”