Published on | JUL 28, 2023

By Satyen Raja, author of Accelerated Evolution

Posted By: Staff
On: Jun 21 2023

As we enter the mid-range of life, a phase that includes those of us who are over 50, we often encounter various challenges and reflections. Some may experience a midlife crisis or face health issues. It is during this time that questions about our life’s path, destiny, and legacy arise. We also become more aware of our own mortality as we witness the passing of loved ones, including elders and parents.

This natural stage of life calls for deep contemplation, seeking profound answers to questions like: Who am I? What is my purpose? What is the meaning of my existence now? Accelerated Evolution has the power to address all of these aspects and facilitate transformative growth.

When faced with life challenges and family issues, it is crucial to resolve them and gain clarity, deep insight, and inner peace. By addressing family conflicts, we can cultivate profound clarity, peace, and the ability to create opportunities instead of chaos.

As we cross the threshold of 50, we enter what can be called the sage years, marked by maturity. During this stage, our primary challenges revolve around health, vitality, and the quest for purpose and mission. We also grapple with grief due to the loss of loved ones. Accelerated Evolution provides a dependable pathway to delve into these domains, enabling rapid transformation of any tensions, challenges, fears, or obstacles we encounter. Through this process, we can attain elevated states of freedom, flow, power, love, and wisdom.

The modality operates on a profound level, distinct from mere talk therapy, hypnosis, or general counseling. It delves deep into the core spiritual roots of our challenges, where they originate and persist in our lives. This approach ensures lasting results, going beyond problem resolution to elevate us to a higher state of wisdom and frequency. We transition from fear to possibility.  Once a problem is resolved, it is truly eradicated. Our journey involves not only rapid transformation but also a lasting effect, enabling us to live a life infused with wisdom and flow.

Unlike certain therapeutic approaches that delve into the past and unearth deep-seated issues, in Accelerated Evolution, we focus on consciously designing our lives. There is a significant distinction here. Rather than solely attempting to rid ourselves of challenges and pains, our emphasis lies in actively creating the life we desire. The process is simple: we begin by identifying the primary problem or challenge that is causing the most distress. This objective problem could pertain to the economy, work, family, or any external factor.

In our approach, we first isolate the problem by identifying its subjective experience. For instance, let’s consider a situation where someone desires deeper intimacy and passion in their relationship, but there’s a buildup of frustration and resentment. This emotional charge is stored within our bodies, thoughts, and images. To begin addressing this, we explore how we feel about the problem, as our emotions play a significant role. Secondly, we dive into the subjective problem through the processes of Accelerated Evolution, guided by a coach or mentor. We locate where it resides in our mind, body, and emotions. Then, we engage in a rapid clearing and transformation process. This entails applying simple guided protocols that can be learned independently or with the support of a coach. The intricacies of this process are best understood through experience. By identifying where the problem manifests within our images, thoughts, emotions, and body sensations, and utilizing the verbally guided protocol, we bring the issues to the surface and transform them. It’s akin to filtering dirty water, separating the impurities, and leaving behind the pure essence.

This purification allows our mind, thoughts, emotions, and body sensations to become crystal clear, revealing our true self. This process leads us to an elevated state of consciousness, a unity consciousness where problems dissolve, and we reside in a state of flow, happiness, serenity, and natural energy. Finally, we integrate these newfound realizations, insights, and states of consciousness into our daily lives.

The challenge we often face is the belief that old dogs can’t learn new tricks or that we’ve reached a point where growth is no longer possible. This mindset can lead to stagnancy, apathy, and resignation in our lives. However, Accelerated Evolution offers a different path, specifically designed for mature individuals seeking personal growth, peace of mind, and a soulful approach to life. It caters to those yearning for higher meaning and helps guide them towards discovering their ultimate purpose and highest meaning in life.

Through Accelerated Evolution, you can engage in sessions focused on legacy, higher purpose, and finding meaning in the present moment. For individuals above 50, this journey is especially recommended as it allows them to uncover their unique path, joy, and legacy, enabling them to live a fulfilling life that transcends their time on Earth.

Accelerated Evolution is the gateway to tapping into your higher self, transcending the limitations of your ego mind, reactive mind, and fear-driven thoughts. It offers a direct connection to your deepest intuition, higher self, and spiritual essence.

The beauty lies in the fact that this process is free from external doctrines, teachings, or philosophies. You embark on a journey of self-discovery, becoming the source of your own empowerment and wisdom. You learn to access your higher self effortlessly every day, enabling you to truly live rather than merely absorbing information from books or listening to inspirational talks.

As Bruce Lee wisely stated, “Just as you can’t learn to swim on dry land, you can’t truly live from your higher self without diving into it.” This direct path of Accelerated Evolution is the most profound and transformative journey I have ever experienced, and it is my joy to share it with others.


About Satyen Raja

Satyen Raja is a distinguished mentor and coach to the world’s most prominent CEOs, business leaders, and esteemed global influencers. Drawing upon four decades of experience in personal development, Satyen has honed a unique approach to transformational coaching that blends Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, cutting-edge science, and practical tools for personal growth.

As the founder of the WarriorSage Group, Satyen has cultivated a worldwide community of spiritual seekers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders dedicated to making a positive impact. His expertise extends to building and scaling businesses for over 30 years, having established a multitude of successful companies.