I have been a martial artist for over 40 years, with high level training in Jiu Jitsu. I didn’t realize how much athletic performance and mental performance relate until Qualia Mind. My capacity as a martial artist- my precision, clarity during competition, and execution – have all gone up considerably. And I’m more emotionally centered on the tasks at hand, and less mentally scattered in the intense split second decision-making required in martial arts.†*

As leaders in coaching and business, we so often advise people on their mindset. But we so rarely advise people on how to optimize the physiology of the brain itself.

Both from my own relationship with the founders of Neurohacker Collective, and from my own experience with their brain-nourishing formula Qualia Mind, I cannot recommend highly enough what a great addition this form of nutrition support is for you, and to help those you influence to maximize the potential of their human contribution. †*

Currently, Qualia Mind can be tried up to 50% off if you click here and Neurohacker Collective are offering my community an additional 15% off if you use code WARRIORSAGE15 at checkout. The 28 ingredient formula is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and is backed by a 100 day full refund.

It’s the most profound nutritionally-based difference in my mindset I’ve ever experienced.

Empower yourselves and those you influence to experience their mental and emotional capacities at their full potential.†*

To Love & Freedom,

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