It’s no secret that influential people often have difficulties in their relationships. 

It can be even more volatile when you have TWO powerful people in the relationship. 

Two powerhouses who are up to big things in life are often attracted to one another, and the chemistry is off the charts exciting…

But KEEPING that dance of synergy going is an entirely different matter altogether. 

Frequently, power couples become bored, competitive, or grow apart because they are so focused on their own trajectory and growth. 

It’s a personal passion of mine and my wife of 34 years, Suzanne, to support power couples to keep their passion alive WHILE they grow their empires and unlock their most significant potential. 

That’s why we were honored and thrilled to be a part of this special interview with Gabe and Danielle Orta, who have been coaching with Suzanne and me for only a few months. 

Their results are awe-inspiring: 
– Danielle has released postpartum depression that she was suffering from for over four years 
– Gabe is growing his business and leadership effortlessly and has released his attachment to struggle 
– They have both channeled their childhood traumas into love and forgiveness, which has unleashed more love, presence, and passion for sharing between them
… and so much more. 

This is one of those rare and intimate interviews you will want to watch with your loved one and soul-partner. 

Gabe and Danielle are living proof that you CAN be a powerful couple and still grow your business and deepen your love in your relationship. 

When you have these secrets, you will never feel like you have to sacrifice a part of your happiness (or love!) to achieve all that you want. 

To Your Deepest Intimacy, 
Satyen Raja Creator of WarriorSage and Transcendent CEO

P.S. This cosmic dance of the power couple is sacred and wild and not for the faint of heart. 
If you are someone who is looking to expand their depth of passion, intimacy, and connection with your partner while also exploding your business and financial success, then you want to watch this interview now.

You will be touched, inspired, and possibly moved to tears when you watch (I know we all were when we filmed it). 

We hope that you will see proof that power couples do not have to fizzle out but, in fact, can burn brighter when they have the tools and support they need.