Here is our latest interview with one of Satyen’s mentees, Bill Harris. 

Bill Harris has been building his consulting business for over thirty years, and he’s had tremendous success. 

He recently estimated that his clients have brought in over $15Billion in contracted business from his consulting. 

The problem was that this level of success was exhausting and depleting to him on many levels. As he described it, “I left a lot of dead bodies in my wake.”

Since he’s began coaching with me in the Transcendent CEO program, he has doubled his business over the past two years, and he started a new business that has generated $2.5 million all off an “intuitive hit” he got one afternoon. 

He’s done all of this while having the deepest relationship possible, growing in health, and also expanding his team. 

This is a revolutionary interview that you need to listen to.

Transcendent CEOs act differently, think differently, and they have a deeper connection to their innate be-ing that resides within.

As a leader, are you ready to step into the next realm of possibility? It may sound mystical or like magic, but Bill will tell you that the results are real. 

I welcome you to explore this for yourself, and when you are ready to bring harmony and balance WHILE you create greater levels of success than ever before, then you will know it’s time. 

To Your Transcendence, 
Satyen Raja