What does sacred relationship take? Day-to-day and long-term? How can the Masculine support the Feminine and vice versa, without either losing their sovereignty or freedom? What is the difference between co-dependence and support that makes your partner blossom? (Timestamps below.) Find out now with Satyen & Suzanne Raja of @WarriorSageChannel in this episode of ReWilding with Sabrina Lynn.


0:00 – Introduction to sacred relationship: dance between the sacred masculine & sacred feminine
2:15 – Invitation to Sacred Sexuality Online Workshop series
3:45 – How Sabrina met Suzanne & Satyen: initial impressions of committed couple that also gifts everyone around them with their radiance and presence
8:40 – The maturation of a relationship: from being not enough, to being self reliant, to being of service
12:48 – The three aspects of the masculine’s power, and how to utilize them in relationship
14:25 – The three aspects of the feminine’s power, and how to utilize them in relationship
19:50 – How to work through the feminine wound of abandonment with self love
25:45 – How to work through the masculine wound of confinement with self regulation
27:05 – The difference between offering support & coming to the rescue
30:40 – Why we have to release the assumption that our partner is broken in anyway
32:55 – The power of prioritizing passion & connection: “defense system against the onslaught of distraction”
35:55 – The one relationship goal that will allow the relationship to continue to grow and shift and support both members as it does
41:30 – Why a supportive community and even mentor/coach can help a relationship become truly sacred
46:35 – What sacred relationship looks like: “We are not each other’s coaches. We are each other’s cheerleaders. Devoted, erotic cheerleaders.”
48:25 – The future of relationship, as the younger generation is less and less attached to roles and labels and more and more creative and open-minded
56:10 – How to let love, spirit, life flow through you without getting attached to the form it takes or the outcome (this is mysticism!)
1:02:55 – Where to find more of Satyen & Suzanne’s work: WarriorSage.com

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