Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The difference between peak performance and peak existence 
  • Where do you go after becoming successful?
  • A holistic approach to wellbeing for business leaders
  • The antithesis to flow and how to overcome it
  • Why feminine energy is so important for businesses to thrive
  • Breaking down the different motivating factors for leadership
  • How the inner dimension can lead to outward success

In this episode…

There has been an obsession lately, from the side-hustlers up to the CEOs, to achieve peak performance. Countless books, podcasts, and businesses are designed to help people work as effectively and efficiently as they can. While this is important, it’s not the full story. After all, what happens when you find success and are already performing? Where do you go after that?

Satyen Raja has developed his philosophies around helping leaders not only achieve peak performance, but what he calls peak existence. The idea is to lead lives of holistic health, spiritual evolution, and equilibrium. He has led thousands of retreats and training sessions with these principles in mind. Now, he shares those same principles with you.

Dov Pollack hosts Satyen Raja, the Founder and CEO of WarriorSage, to hear his thoughts on peak existence and how leaders can holistically improve themselves. They discuss the ideas behind achieving proper flow in your life, the need for masculine and feminine energies to create a thriving business, and how your inner life affects your outer life. They also touch on Satyen’s books and the ideas he shares with others. Hear the rest by checking out this episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast.

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Founded by Dov Pollack, Next Wave Leadership is an executive coaching firm focused on helping CEOs, executives, and emerging leaders to deepen their executive presence, differentiate their voice, and embrace the plot and promise of their story.

Satyen Raja is the Founder and CEO of WarriorSage, where leadership trainings are offered based on universal principles. Since 1999, Satyen has been helping business leaders reach and transform their fullest potential. His philosophies extend to spiritual, mental, and financial evolution, working with individuals as well as businesses.

Satyen works with his wife, Suzanne, to lead some of their retreats and mentor programs. In addition to his coaching and workshops, he has also authored books based on the same concepts as his training sessions, including Transcendent CEO.