This Episode Features Guests, Co-founders of the Transformational Academy, WarriorSage, Satyen and Suzanne Raja; and Musical Guest, Violinist Philip Vaiman of The Red Quartet, on The LIFE CHANGES Show, Ep657 Titled, “Cultivating a Lifetime of Passion, Love and Evolution”



Satyen Raja

Satyen, whose name means “Truth” in Sanskrit, has claimed his birthright from the universal expanse for the pursuit of enlightened human potential from a very young age. Satyen is both a master teacher and master student with over 40 years of rigorous study and practice in developing higher consciousness. He speaks from the truth of his direct experiences that usher you into a sacred life of embodied love and wisdom for a profoundly enhanced life.  

Satyen has guided some of the world’s greatest leaders and visionaries into their most transcendent Peak Existence. His all encompassing and direct teachings emanate from his decades on the spiritual journey. 

He supports his students through an awakened path of teachings and practices that invoke their highest living potential where life has a depth of meaning and grounded in personal virtue. Unifying the various realms of success, from expanding businesses, multiplying revenues, and invigorating passionate intimacy, your life expands holistically. For Leaders who are ready to recreate in unimaginably powerful ways, Satyen guides them into experiencing the new paradigm of success that is Peak Existence. 

He has transformed the lives of over 100,000 students internationally and leads private and group mentorship for top CEO’s, high impact individuals and world leaders. His corporate work involves cultural advisory and training executive teams of elite organizations to shift from chaos, overwhelm and struggle into aligned, coherent, high performing teams. 

Suzanne Raja

Suzanne has been called “one of the foremost leaders and  pioneers of the women’s transformational movement.” She is  lovingly recognized as a unique mentor, a Wise Woman and bold  spirit who guides clients into their highest vibrational frequency  where their femininity becomes the essence of their expression  and the unshakeable source of their peace and success. 

She helps clients heal and release their masculine distortions  so they can unify their energy for the creation of wholeness,  radiance and bliss.  

The evidence of her work shines brightly in her clients’ newfound  experience of life in serene flow, as their relationship to family,  work, partner and self awakens to maximal passion, purpose and  possibility.

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