“Ecstasy is your birthright”.

We are so blessed to have as a special guest a true feminine embodiment of sensuality and grace, a true feminine sage married to THE Warrior Sage. A woman, spiritual guide, leader activator, and beloved friend of mine; Suzanne Raja.

Suzanne has been called “one of the foremost leaders and pioneers of the women’s transformational movement.”

She is lovingly recognized as a unique mentor, a Wise Woman, and a bold spirit who guides clients into their highest vibrational frequency where their femininity becomes the essence of their expression and the unshakeable source of their peace and success.

She helps clients heal and release their masculine distortions so they can unify their energy for the creation of wholeness, radiance, and bliss.

Suzanne is a Peak Radiance Master Trainer/Coach at Warriorsage Trainings Inc.

The evidence of her work shines brightly in her clients’ newfound experience of life in a serene flow, as their relationship to family, work, partner and self awakens to maximal passion, purpose, and possibility.

Suzanne truly gave us a gift of an interview, it felt more like a masterclass where she shared with us topics like:

Effective tools to LISTEN TO SPIRIT
The Power of Ecstasy
& the importance of ANSWERING THE CALL OF SPIRIT

We invite you to listen to this episode and tune with the magnificent wisdom and energy of Suzanne, to activate your level of leadership to the next level and to EMBRACE, EMPOWER and DEEPEN your connection to the GREATNESS of it all and inside of you, in the here and Now.

If you want to learn more about Suzanne, please find her on social media here:

Instagram 👉 https://www.instagram.com/suzanneraja2018/
Facebook 👉 https://www.facebook.com/suzanne.raja
Web page 👉 https://warriorsage.com/

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