In this interview with Satyen Raja, Transcendent Leadership Mentor to CEOs and Founder of WarriorSage Trainings, they discuss what you learn in Week 1 of Creating Your Inspired Life – Discovering All that You’re Capable Of.

1. While perhaps 50% of your intelligence may be inherited, the other 50% is determined by how you live your life.

2. You CAN control your level of awareness.

3. There are three keys to winning at the infinite game of your life. The first key is to discover your highest intention and your greatest purpose. Knowing your highest intention gives you a clear direction or compass heading in life. It allows you to be absolutely certain how to handle everything that comes into your life. If it supports your highest intention, then you embrace and integrate it into your life. If it doesn’t support your highest intention, you ignore it or let it go.

4. Why you must first know your highest intention to live a truly inspired life.

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