“We’ve Spent Millions On Coaches Over The Last 8 Years, And Nothing Else Has Been This Transformational”…

When you are a successful entrepreneur and CEO who has created multi-million dollar companies, it’s easy for the world to think that you’ve got it all figured out.

From the outside looking in, Ray and Jessica Higdon had it all. A thriving business, a beautiful family, and all the outward signs of success.

But secretly, Ray was holding onto a pattern that started in his childhood with issues of abandonment and abuse that caused him to sabotage every relationship he had in business and life.

When he reached out to me for mentorship, he knew that there was something he could no longer run from or build any more walls of success to distract.

I introduced him to my wife of 34 years, Suzanne, who quickly gravitated to Jessica to help navigate the complex world of being the female polarity in a power couple.

In a short period of time, our dual-mentorship with Suzanne and I both coaching and leading them into finding their own sense of centered power has emerged with more significant results than even we could ever have imagined.

Yes, their business is thriving, and they are earning millions making a massive impact on the world, but now, there is a deeper fulfillment because their love and connection are the strongest it has ever been.

In this remarkable and enlightening interview, the 4 of us — me, Suzanne, Ray, and Jessica — all come together to co~create and synergize for even greater in-depth exploration than any other solo interview.

You see: when you are a successful CEO, it can feel like there is no one to turn to who understands what you are going through.

You can feel isolated and alone in your struggles, and like Ray, you may be running or hiding from the pain you are feeling in your personal relationships.

Eventually, you hit the wall and realize no amount of money, fame, success, or achievement will ever replace or amount to the love you are longing for at home.

In this special interview, you are going to hear first-hand accounts of how a power couple transformed their relationship while growing deeper in love and achieving tremendous success.

As Suzanne so eloquently put it, “The world needs more power couples to succeed.”

If you are craving deeper intimacy, connection, and understanding in your sacred relationship(s), then you do not want to miss out on this eye-opening interview.

To Your Transcendence,


P.S. There is a dance of polarity that happens between the masculine and feminine. When they are both allowed the freedom to shine and express, it creates a greater connection and more vital intimacy between the two forces.

If you have never been exposed to this, you will continue to fight to change one another or struggle to be understood. Power Couples have an even more significant impact on the world. We are standing for your most extraordinary expression of Self, in service to the world.

Please watch this while it is fresh on your mind, and then send me an email about what was your biggest takeaway from it.

My hope is that you will find your heart, your home, and your life is infused with an even greater abundance than you have ever received in your lifetime. It is from this place where your impact will penetrate to the depths of humanity and reach eons of souls across time.