Satyen Raja is a master of martial arts, a mentor to leaders around the world, and founder of the Warrior Sage group of companies. Satyen helps leaders find balance so they can behappy and fulfilled in all areas of their lives. He believes by connecting to our higher power, we build faith in ourselves. Satyen focuses on five pillars of life: faith, family, finance, fitness and fun.

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Most Influential Person

  • My two Brazilian Ju Jitsu teachers, one is a master and one is a black belt.

Effect on Emotions

  • It helps me love and accept them [emotions] and feel them fully. When I’m contracted from that mindfulness, when I’m just in the swirl of it, then they get lodged, I don’t feel fully. I suppress the ones that are not so positive, that I’d rather not have. Emotions that come from some tension or a day of strife or struggle. I’d rather not feel them, but I’ve found that when I’m present, mindful and dialed in, that they transform through my love and acceptance of my emotions.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • In the martial arts we have this type of three part breath: from the belly, that moves like a bellows, we fill the lower part of the belly and even energetically we visualize that we’re breathing even deeper into our hips and genitals on the inhalation. First the breathing of the lower body and then the solar plexus area and then the breath fulfills its expansion at the upper part of the breath, relaxing in the opposite way. So relaxing from the top down, like a bellows opening at the bottom and then closing, stoking this flame. For me, breath is the doorway in, its the immediate barometer of my awareness and mindfulness.

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Advice for Newbie

The first thing a warrior sage does, they look for what are the movements, what are the things out there in life that are seeking your adherence? They want to make you part of their movement. We see so many political parties out there. They’re drumming up emotions, pushing this and that and evoking opposition, we see it everywhere. Just take a look at, where is my energy, my units of emotional energy, going? Wherever it’s going and you’re getting evoked, you’re getting riled up, you’re feeling righteous, you’re feeling, we need to stop this, there is deep truth in that. You don’t want to deny that truth, but from a reactive place, as a warrior, you are actually losing energy, leaking energy by the excessive re-activeness. So what a warrior sage does, is they lower the importance of the very thing, paradoxically that they have vehemency against. That lowering of the importance, the units of power that were stuck in the pushing against, they reeled back, and they come back to the source of your choice. Then, paradoxically, the less you say, the more effect happens. You are able to do and achieve and create more change with the thing that you actually have interest in because you’re coming from a place of greater influence, a place of of depth, so your words are heard, rather than your screams and shouts. They hear your soul speak with authority, because that is the ultimate authority.

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