When an empowered, brilliant woman steps up to the table to bring alignment to multi-billion dollar organizations in the military and aerospace industries, you take notice that something special is about to take place. Well, get ready to be illuminated by leadership on this new horizon.

There is no one who embodies strength, grace and fully realized power without having to say a word more than Cynthia Davis.

Holding the value of billion dollar organizations and leaders of the free world in military and aerospace industries, Cynthia has gone to the outer edge of the stratosphere with your vision and impact.

Her career in leadership is beyond impressive – Boeing, Lockheed Martin — all grace her coveted list of clients, but what we are here to discuss in this interview is something you can’t read on her resume.

Cynthia sees something beyond what is in the here and now reality. She is a metaphysical master with an alignment of vision that is obviously coming through from somewhere else.

When you meet and interact with her, you realize there are many more channels than just the physical present.

Her openness and willingness to disclose in this interview her true alchemical and metaphysical abilities are truly unprecedented.

As you watch this interview, make sure you sit back and relax. the more relaxed you are, the more this message will permeate to the depths of your soul.

In this interview you will learn:
The secret to enjoying your success while you build your empire