Most founders who have had a $40+million exit will tell you that it was a harrowing experience to get the right investors to make it happen.

When you hear Paul Rahilly share his story of how he used the principles of the Transcendent CEO not only to attract far more than he could have ever imagined was possible for his entrepreneurial exit but that it happened effortlessly, you may have a moment of disbelief.

After all, we’ve heard so many horror stories of the tough road of building a company and the brutality of when the founder takes the exit. Paul is a shining example of what’s possible when you understand the deeper forces that are genuinely behind the cosmic wheel of creation.

As Paul describes it, his divinely timed exit came without any resistance or blockage. The more he relaxed, let go, and practiced the Transcendent CEO philosophy’s awareness to “lower importance,” the results came without any hesitation.

And if you’ve ever wondered, “What would I do without my company as my purpose?” you will be inspired by his reality today. Today, Paul has an abundance of time to spend with his loving wife and daughter while traveling the world together. He is taking up interests and hobbies that he has desired for a lifetime — surfing, yoga, cooking — whatever sparks his interest. He has the luxury of time to devote entirely to its inception.

All of this is filling his life while he also has a committed salary from his original company, built from the ground up. Paul is redefining what it means to have an exit strategy. As a Transcendent CEO, he demonstrates the capacity to create, achieve, and transform into the most potent version of self.