When you are running multiple multi-million dollar companies, with hundreds of team members, and on the track to scale to $100million, you have most likely invested a lot in your personal development over the years.

Vijai Aanand is a high-performing, highly ambitious type-A personality who appears to have the golden touch. When Vijai began his mentorship with me as a Transcendent CEO, he was already fully versed in the world of personal development and high-stakes achievement.

He has quickly discovered that there is something far greater than the push-pull paradigm that encompasses so many high-performing CEOs. He has awakened his inner wisdom, the dimension of the Sage as we call it, in our Warrior Sage philosophy, where he now has access to powers far beyond the brilliant limitations of his brilliant intellect and mind.

He is effortlessly manifesting his next level of growth, buying up companies to scale his valuation exponentially. What would have appeared before to be a long, challenging climb to get to where his ambitions are calling him, now he has discovered there is a greater power which allows his most extraordinary heart’s desires to happen effortlessly.

His teams are thriving, and he is only working two days a week while scaling faster than ever before! This rapid acceleration of results is possible when you drop the shield of pressured ambition to allow the inner wisdom to guide you moment by moment.

This interview is for you to see that your ambition is a gift as long as you understand the more profound wisdom of how to harness it.