When you first meet Mike Danaheim, you are immediately struck by his quick, fast processing mind that seems to function more like a computer than a human brain, along with his wide-open heart, dedicated to the highest service of humanity. The technology which Mike has invested in is genuinely groundbreaking and will help us to stop the stress cycles from taking over our body’s nervous system before they ever reach a critical state.

This technology to read your body and mind’s stress levels alone is revolutionary when you think about the impact stress has on our physical, emotional, mental, and relationship health. But Mike and his vision do not stop there. In the short time we have been mentoring together, he has created a vast open array of possibilities for scaling and advancing his technology.

Week after week, we celebrate the effortless success he is creating, attracting investors easier than ever and aligning with some of the most influential organizations on the planet, including The United Nations and the U.S. Government.

What appears to be magical attraction or miraculous coincidences are what happens when the blocks of abundance are cleared away through the process of dissolving accessory forces that have either slowed down the ability to manifest or derailed it completely.

Mike is a scientist. Now that he sees proven, scalable, and measurable results as a Transcendent CEO, he is never going back to the old paradigm of the “push until you can push anymore” old world reality.

Today, the opportunities are coming to him, and he is more aligned with his vision, purpose, health, and even his family, who welcomed a new baby this year.

The more you watch interviews and success stories like these, the more you will see that the ancient, outdated belief that the CEO has to destroy themselves to create their dreams into existence is frankly… obsolete.

There is a new paradigm of global leaders being called to serve humanity at the highest levels while also nourishing all aspects of themselves in the ultimate creation journey.