When you picture a strong, alpha leader who is full of charisma, good looks, and a powerful presence, you will see an image of Jason Forrest as the mascot.

Jason and I met during an extraordinary workshop with one of my colleagues and mentors, David Deida, and we hit it off immediately. Jason was recently married, and he and his wife, Mary, chose to be co-mentored with me and my wife Suzanne as an investment in their first year of marriage. The foundation of a Transcendent CEO always starts in the home with the family. The level of success he has been able to create due to nurturing and mastering the inner domain and the fruitful family life has paid off significantly for them both.

Jason will share his most noteworthy takeaways about the Transcendent CEO process, which has given him the insight, clarity, and power of inner confidence far beyond the one-dimensional alpha reality where we first began. It’s not that he lost any of that power; quite the opposite, he is now a magnetic force of pure, relaxed, concentrated power that radiates from within.

More and more leaders like Jason are waking up to the awareness that there is a whole world of fulfillment that comes beyond the warrior-only mindset. There is a magical alignment when you align with your soul mate and calibrate your life’s wants, desires, and goals in the same direction; you will be able to achieve all of your soul’s desires at a cosmic level.

His sales training company is winning awards and dominating the industry now more than ever. As Jason relaxes into his power, the true essence of his leadership has begun to emerge.

For Jason and Mary, this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for another interview where I will be speaking to them both about the Transcendent CEO way of life and how it has impacted their family and home, bringing them into closer integration as a partnered union of the highest ream.