If you’ve ever thought that you can’t evolve a 100+ year corporation with cutting-edge wisdom as a Transcendent CEO, then you’ve never met John Kramer. 

As the president and CEO of (name of company), John runs his organization with the awareness of looking forward into the future while honouring the treasures of the past. 

His insights have exponentially grown his organization to become the leader in his industry, taking over most of Canada’s contracts as his company’s reputation quickly spreads. 

Using Sage’s wisdom, he leads with higher intelligence, a gift for patience and devotion that can only come when you are aligned with your whole purpose and soul’s mission. 

Through his total commitment to playing full out as a Transcendent CEO, John is mastering the essence of life on all plains of reality — the physical, the emotional, the mental, the relational, the financial, and the spiritual. 

The evolution of leadership is not to separate one from the other but to recognize that they are all fully entrenched in the dance of the yin/yang existence. 

When you watch this interview, please pay close attention to how John leads with his entire self.