When you think about how greatly humanity can be impacted and what industries, technologies, advancements in science we could make, you will find Hinnerk at the center of the conversation. 

He is not afraid of big thinking or going for big goals to make the most significant shifts in humanity’s health, wellbeing, and abundance, for he finds his most significant stride when he encounters what others appear to be insurmountable odds. 

Hinnerk has dedicated his life to advancing the science of human performance by using the most cutting-edge technology in the fields of biology, medicine, and virology. Whether in biochemistry and biological inventions that can stop the inflammatory response, which are the root causes of diseases like autoimmune, stroke, and even heart disease, or systems to scale the back-end business, his passion is to turn complexity into simplicity. 

During the global pandemic, Hinnerk has been at the forefront of asking the questions, “What can we learn from this?” “How can we evolve from this?” “How can we protect ourselves from this in the future?”

With his brilliant, German-trained logic and open, heart-centered devotion to humanity, Hinnerk is the living example of a Transcendent CEO.