Maybe it was flying at Mach 1, the speed of sound, around 761 mph at sea level on a standard day that showed Jim how to expand your perception as a leader…

… Or maybe it was leading over 4,000 military servicemen and women on a military base during the war in Yugoslavia…

… Or maybe it has been the countless days and nights (10,000 hours and beyond) questioning his own place in the universe which has allowed him the ability to rise above the drama in every situation to find the source within.

Whatever the reason or the circumstance, Jim Donihee, our teammate and retired Canadian Colonel has wisdom beyond most world leaders of today.

These times are a test of our character.
We are all questioning our roles as leaders.
What exactly do we do, in response to this global shift?

How do we pivot our businesses, our services, even our very lives, to meet the energy that is rising on the planet?

In this special, timely interview for the Transcendent Leader Series, I had the honour and pleasure of going deep into the solutions with Jim.

Now is the time to explore the depths of what it means to be a leader, and tap into the new wave of leadership that’ll set you ahead of the game.
Because of the global impact we are all facing as leaders, I’m releasing this interview as my special and sacred gift to you.

My colleague Jim Donihee and I reveal all our insights, wisdoms and advice to leaders in a special interview. I want you to watch ittoday; make time for it.I guarantee that it will inform and direct your actions during this precious time in quarantine and self-reflection.

Jim and I share about how to:
– Disengage from the drama
– Acknowledge the circumstances
– And choose who and how you want to be in the face of what’s unfolding

Plus so much more goodness and wisdom. It left my heart feeling so full and excited for what’s to come, for all of us as leaders in organizations of all kinds.
Many of us are discovering that old paradigms of institutional thinking are no longer relevant much less effective.

This is why expanding beyond the circumstances of cause and effect is more important than ever.

As a Transcendent Leader, you are being called to rise above the noise and chaos of the world drama, and to find the source within you that is unmovable, unshakable, and eternal.

If you are contemplating turning in your badge of leadership because the business you are in or the industry you are in or the preconceived ideologies of what you previously believed are caving in, you will find solace and strength in this interview.

Now is the time to rise above the noise and pierce through the truth.

Get cozy, bring your attention fully present.

To your transcendence,