(1:42) Being the best person that you can be

(3:29) Passion equals polarity

(8:14) Devotional energy

(11:09) Taking time for self-care

(15:40) Awakening your own pleasure

(18:59) Pleasure is like breathing

(26:55) Reviving the pleasure

(30:22) Speaking your feelings

(34:47) Remembering your breath

(38:19) Creating polarity creates attraction

(42:32) Embodying love and living with passion

Through my body, I want to extend the invitation to my partner: how can you invite him to be present in the moment?

About Suzanne Raja:

In this episode, featuring Suzanne Raja, we talk about how to have extraordinary romantic relationships, what keeps the spark alive, and feminine pleasure. Suzanne Raja is the co-founder of Warrior Sage alongside her husband Satyen Raja. WarriorSage is a multi-million dollar transformational leadership academy that has trained over 100,000 people worldwide. Suzanne Raja has dedicated her life to embracing, embodying and empowering soul radiance in life, love and social impact.

Connect with Suzanne here: www.warriorsage.com