For all the talk about leadership today, most everyone ignores the fact that the only measure of effective leadership is engaged followership.

And we’re not talking about dumb, charisma-blinded, worshipful, zombie kind of followers. No, the kind of followers that matter are smart, competent, and powerful individuals who choose to follow a worthy leader. So, you have to very carefully consider this question, “Why should anyone choose to follow you?”

With enough money for good salaries, you’ll attract high-level followers; but money isn’t enough to unlock their full potential and passion.

So what would it take to get followers to show up fully and be switched on, responsible, creative, courageous, self-aware and guided by integrity?

The bottom line answer is that you can only draw these people into your sphere if you are a leader of this exact caliber. So we invite you to look at yourself and ask, “Am I the kind of leader that would attract the kind of followers that I want to be with?”

You are the key factor in attracting and retaining remarkable team members, and they will show up when you are the kind of person they want to align with and follow.

The problem with almost every leadership and executive program is that they teach transactional, temporal and traditional approaches, tools and processes.

Of course strategy, decision making, operational excellence, negotiations and statistics are important skills. But these skills alone DO NOT give you the attraction edge to fully engage and unlock high caliber followers.

In order to do that you need to go further and deeper than traditional executive education.

For that, you have to empower and align your mind, heart and gut so that you’re deciding, relating and thinking with uncommon clarity, creativity, flow and passion. We call this experience the alchemy of wisdom, love and courage. 

The 12 Alchemical Executive Disciplines

1. Be accountable. Develops: Maturity. Result: Reduction of Ego.

2. Assess your leadership. Develops: Self-Awareness. Result: Evolution.

3. Practice vulnerability. Develops: Humility. Result: Deep Connection.

4. Play without feeding habits. Develops: Relaxation. Result: Calmness.

5. Experience solitude. Develops: Deep listening. Result: Clarity.

6. Embrace diversity. Develops: Valuing uniqueness. Result: Appreciation of others.

7. Commit to your spirituality. Develops: Surrendering, letting go. Result: Peace of mind.

8. Find a mentor. Develops: Sharp thinking. Result: Wide perspective.

9. Engage in skillful conflict. Develops: Courage. Result: Intimacy.

10. Embrace your shadow. Develops: Honesty. Result: Interior freedom.

11. Discover your passion. Develops: Self-connection. Result: Empowerment.

12. Accept your calling. Develops: Faith. Result: Wisdom.

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