DEATH……Straight for the Jugular

Death is where you start on the path of the WarriorSage

Not the morbid death of recoil or rotting bodies, but the full embrace of Death that slaps awake any drifting from true purpose

Its obvious we all will face it….or is it?

You will be alive until you die, so you will never know death anyways while alive.

Whatever comes next is whatever it is….. if it is…… at all

Like a fast forward full immersion video…..the discipline is to feel the complete death of all your dreams, hopes, ambitions, health, wealth, victories, defeats and freedoms.

Feel the complete death of all your loved ones …thats the the hardest for many

You feel the total death of yourself even from existence itself…..

Some of you are fortunate to have or be facing real immanent death.

Perhaps through illness or sudden accident Death is all too real and surreal.

It’s definite and indefinite due to the inevitable and unknown it evokes….

Our primal fear is the finality of Self which is, never the less, the most avoided confrontation for most….the paradoxical effect is having a dead life.

The old joke of dying in your 20s and being buried in your 80s is funny for a while

Where you may last wish to go and hide 

…….is the first stone to uncover and turn to……

So face Death feeling it fully coming at you from every angle, even within your cells.

Let all the fears have their hey-day and feel it all while staying wide open through your loss and tears.

Expand, breath, embody and presence when death is felt near…. never let it contract you

When death is closest for real, feel what must you do to live and die completely without regrets…and do it without fail.

With courage do what you need to do to give and receive love without holding back….without excuses

Let Death unshackle you from delay and procrastination

Let Death be your impeccability and followthrough coach

Let Death be your “be in the moment” guru.

Let Death’s ever too closeness, be your awareness pin prick to look for, appreciate and foster a Life filled with Life…a Life filled with living beyond death’s despotism over your deepest soul’s calling.

Ultimately Death may reveal the secret to Life itself.