What makes an individual be so powerful that they can be trusted at the highest level? With money, with sex, with relationships, with someone’s children? What is the quality of being that makes it so I can give my flesh and blood into the hands of another? My invitation here is not a theory of trust, but a principal examination: Who are you being, in life, today, and every day? 

The reality is, in the minutiae of your integrity – in the subtley, and in the nuances of your integrity – many of us, including myself, have been on a journey, of lying, distortion, ambivalence, twisting. 

Who knows what I’m talking about? 

The accumulation of all of that distorted energy is all there, physiologically within us, available for perception. The degree you trust yourself, is the degree that someone else of high net worth, high influence, will do any type of exchange with you. 

It’s there before your resume. 

It’s there before your image that you’ve created on your website.

It’s there before anything. 

Ultimately, the truth of your integrity, the truth of why anyone would want to trust you, is already present here, right now.