It takes all our heart desire to want to evolve from where we are towards total freedom.

Our current evolutionary track has its groove that’s been laid down by our habits, comforts and securities for many years now.

The energy of the momentum sweeps us along and unless we call ourselves to be totally free beyond imagination, the inertia will bog us forever.

If you look at the “just be” folks, you’ll see many of them waffling in dead ends for years as they sidestepped the fuller equation that springs forth from “just being”.

Just being is a great philosophy yet you have to earn it from being disciplined.

When in your heart you are really wanting to escape the matrix you’ve self created, you will have to face taking on disciplined actions to expand the course.

Discipline is the truth of Love.

The discipline between colleagues is to keenly feel for the the landing of communication and understanding.

With discipline, you set aside small irritations and breath your love through thick and thin.

As a team of oneness you cleave to each other while enacting all your learned wisdoms and practices that you’ve picked up along the way.

With discipline you return to love rather than foster separation or hostilities.

Like guardians at a post, you protect your escapist denials from fleeing out any psychological back doors.

Igniting Passion becomes your Play.

It takes truthful inventory to see and accept where you are currently limited by circumstances or behaviours.

Somewhere we have compromised living with a comfort or security rather than risk going for total freedom.

Its takes emotional discipline to look at your procrastination, lying, fidgeting and fudging of truths.

You have to not beat yourself up and yet not keep repeating old limiting habits.

With honesty really ask yourself how you could live even more free?

What would you be up to?

What would you wish to spend more time on ?

What is real total freedom itself?

It takes introspective discipline followed by direct simple actions to break into new levels of living freedom.

The freedom to receive and give what you want, from your heart and Soul is the greatest freedom you can attain and then inspire others to do so as well.

Living Freedom becomes your Quest.

Quitting the “getting more love” game is one of the greatest emotional/spiritual disciplines.

It takes a keen awareness of when you feel unloved, to reverse the track and become love’s offering.

Every part of your psyche feels like it wants and needs love and the discipline is to breath that fully and recalibrate to embodying love.

There are so many factors that contribute to the daily opening and closing of the aperture of our heart.

The discipline is to raise ourselves from the neediness of affections and become hollow vessels for Love to embody and live through.

The discipline is emptying our righteousness and dug in heels and feeling into the heart of others, especially when we don’t want to.

As you allow Love to move you, Love itself will inform you of it’s desired manifestations.

Embodying Love becomes your Code