I believe it will be Business Leaders which save our species from destruction…or destroy us totally.

Political, Religious,and Entertainment leaders don’t have enough power in these times.

3 Types of Business Leaders and what they steer 

1…ME centred leaders…Its about their win, their kill, their success, their accomplishments, their bling, their freedom 

There is no real peace in their endless consuming.Wealth has become empty and addictive.Hell is present adorned as glitz and denials.

2…WE centred leaders.They care that all parties have had prosperous exchange.They practice integrity, excellence, collaboration and value creation.They see farther than this quarter or their backyard.They are reasonable, balanced and gain the fruits of noble exchange.


These leaders have what they want and need and know they generate their own freedom and can create freedom any time, any place, any where regardless of conditions.

From their fullness of gratitude, their fullness of experiencing the marvels of life, they are called up to serve a way of crafting Business that uplifts ALL Beings. 

They do it regardless of risk, scepticism,ridicule,self doubts and perhaps details.

They have seen that within their own Heart, everyone and everything is present and they are of the whole.

Their businesses evolve as they evolve embracing the greater call of their heart illumination, expansion and ever increasing inclusion.

They ACT with the resoluteness and passion of an unleashed Dragon.

They will save the World 🙏🏽💓🙏🏽💓🙏🏽

Salutations to Elon Musk, Naveen Jain, Richard Branson and all you aspiring Business leaders making an impact for the greater good 🌟

I see ,acknowledge and celebrate You🙏🏽