There are three things we are doing, mostly unconsciously, in Relationship.

When we become aware of these, we can create Passion and Closeness anytime and in any circumstance.

We are either…

1. Repelling each other

2. Neutralizing each other

3. Attracting each other

1. Conflicts can arise when both of you want different things at the same time.

If both of you assert your direction and choice without taking into account your partner, you will repel each other like two magnets with their north poles facing each other.

Two people asserting direction can bump heads creating a stubborn tug of war with each other.

Aim to be open and willing to have your partner offer, as a gift, their direction and choices with whatever needs to be decided.

Also be willing to let go and surrender when you feel your partner is strong in a direction.

Like a latin dance, one directs and one surrenders. Of course, take turns doing this so you both feel honoured and valued rather than getting stuck in stale roles.

Play this game of give and take, direction and surrender, playfully and even erotically.

2. Be far more aware of when you need space and when you want bonding.

As Relationships are like magnets, if we are too close to each other for too long, the arc of sexual and romantic attraction diminishes from being too close in proximity.

So when you feel the very beginning of a neutrality, tepid or even flat relating, make sure at least one of you goes for a private walk, a drive or hang out elsewhere in your place and do your own thing.

We call this “Polarity Time”, which is taking this precious time to enjoy your own company and come to recalibrate and refresh yourself for when you meet your partner again.

You’ll need at least an hour (minimum) for your creative “Polarity Time”.

Let your partner know with love and compassion and perhaps a little flirting, “Hey Love, I’m going for some Polarity Time…when I come back I want to shower you with all my love and presence 🙂

3. To attract each other make sure you Polarize yourself first rather than waiting for your partner to do something.

To polarize means to ramp up your Masculine energy if you feel that, or ramp up your Feminine energy if that’s your preference in the moment.

Ways to bolster your masculine energy are:

do a tough workout, challenge yourself with something that takes you to your edge, meditate and contemplate Who You Are, what is important in life and what’s not, and what’s yours to do in the world and what’s not.

By inquiring about these inner matters, greater depth and presence will emerge and radiate from you.

This depth of Presence is sexy and attractive.

To unleash your feminine energy:

dance lots, play joyfully, express your emotions, go for a walk in nature, give yourself some loving self massage and then cut loose with whatever you are feeling and express that through movement.

Uncorking and expressing all you are feeling releases trapped energy which gets transformed into aliveness, which is sexy.

Enjoy playing these games while you find gratitude in the small things with each other and life.

Much Love and Embrace

Suzanne Rickards Raja and Satyen 🙏🏽🌸🙏🏽🌸🙏🏽

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