One of the first steps to living a passionate life that I’ve recognized for myself, and I’ve seen in the arena of life, is really taking a deep look, a true and honest look at where you’re fed up, where you’re fed up of being fed up, where you’re habitually living out the same old struggle over and over again.

Is it in your relationships?

Are you getting in the same type of dynamics, or fights, or same circumstance over and over again in the same way, hopes and then crashes?

Is it happening in your business, hopes and crashes?

Is it happening in your family life?

Is it happening in your friendships, with your body?

It’s to take a look at where do you feel you’ve been running a great amount of energy. And it’s being depleted, wasted, squandered. So, be really honest, look at that. It’s usually some place where we’ve been leaking of our energy.

And it’s hard to find, and to invest, and even look for what could be our next passion, our greater depth of passion, our true fullness of passion, an ecstasy of passion, when we’re squandering our units of life force and energy into things which are trapping our vital life force, our resources. Our Qi, our Prana, as they say in the East.

So, take a look at “Where am I squandering my Prana, my life force, my vitality?” And, then, once I’ve seen that, and once I see the patterns in myself that are doing that, I take control of that, bit-by-bit control those habits. “Okay. I’m going to spend less time staying up till 2:00 a.m., partying and drinking and doing crazy stuff. I’m going to get deeper rest. I’m going to not hang out on the internet for so long. I’m going to draw in my power and go into the sanctuary of myself.”

Once we declare to our distractions that they no longer will have control over us, the energy starts returning to us. This energy starts coming back to us. All these strands that have been siphoning energy, leaking energy – that energy comes back to us.

And, now, the thing to ask is, and the thing to look for is, “What must I do now to live a complete life? What must I do now to live and love and die completely without regret?”

We have to get sick and tired to the point where we’re going to take that sick and tired energy and slingshot ourselves off it rather than bring us down.

We utilize and take advantage of our boredom, our apathy, our hang-ups, our deterrence, our procrastination, our future projections of what will be one day when some magic lamp gets rubbed. No, we draw back all that fantasy, we will get real, hunker down, and then you say, “What moves me? What is my greatest passion? What must I do to live, love, and die completely?” And that’s that with the true honesty.

I’m sure when you do, you’ll probably know the answer. Something true and real I’m sure will emerge for you when you truly ask. And when it does, then go for it. Take this new energy that you’ve taken away from all these distractions and pour it into the direction that says, “Yes. This is a possible passion to pursue, whatever it is, no matter how simple and small it is, and feed it.”

In India, we say, “Keep the puja alive.” The puja is the sacrificial fire, the fire of passion in our soul, in our lifeblood, that keeps us evolving. So, I ask you, my friend, what must you do to evolve? What is your next vista, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? Are you leaking anywhere? We probably are. We’re disciplined, with humor, with a new fresh start. Let’s take that energy and put it in, to what our next passion is. Shall we? I’ll join you. I’ll up the ante, what I’m sharing with you, I’ll take on myself. Let’s do it together.