Today on Mastering Midlife:

●      When our hearts are closed to “otherness” the result is diminishing return to our soul.

●      Why financial success alone can lead to discontentment and boredom.

●      This is a fertile time to move to “we centric consciousness.”

●      The commitment needed to live this new opportunity.

●      When sh_t hits the fan, it’s our relationships that will get us through.

●      How a time of global crisis, is similar to “midlife.”

●      Why the term “crush it” leads to disaster.

Recorded in the middle of the Corona Virus Pandemic, Satyen shares his views on the dual nature of existence magnified during time of crisis, and the opportunity to transform ourselves as a result.  Join Satyen and I as we discuss everything from Business, to Leadership, to Spirit and how we can use this time to grow in every area.  You will be changed.

 “I’m seeing the reestablishment of genuine care, connection, compassion conspicuousness and the growing our humanity during this time.” – Satyen Raja