I don’t mean to blast you, but I’m going to blast you. 

We have seriously little time on this planet right now, as entrepreneurs, business leaders, impact makers, influencers, to make anything happen. 

Our time as a viable biosphere, where humanity can thrive as a whole, is running short on this planet. If we’re not awake to that, then we’re seriously experiencing some type of cognitive dissonance, some suppression. We’re really checked out. 

Or maybe we’re just bolstering our own world, doing our own joy, or building our own empires. 

Those empires are going to come crashing down. I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but that’s an actuality the world faces.

Let’s just take a moment with that. 

Stay with me, if you please.

I believe, we, as business leaders, are the ones that are going to change the world for the better. I truly do. I believe you have it in you, I have it in me. I know that the business leaders that I’m associated with are deeply interested in, and care for, the evolution of this planet, and care for us as humanity, to come together for a greater good so that we can enjoy the industriousness of our collective creativity – which at this stage, we’re calling economy. 

I truly believe that we will continue on a path of destruction if we keep going with the old paradigms of consume, consume, gain, gain, gain, staying within our own worlds, forgetting that we’re part of a symbiotic, amazing interconnectedness that’s happening on this planet.

In the realms of consciousness and metaphysics, this is already known as truth. In the worlds of philosophy, spirituality, and in nature, it’s obvious that there’s an interconnectedness to all of us. 

Shall we bring this central truth back into the heart and soul of how we run our businesses? I feel the answer is yes. Not only can we, we must. And it’s obvious to me that this is the next step of our evolution. 

If we come to this realization joyfully, rather than resisting it, we open up massive avenues of impact and opportunity. We may fear what will happen if we don’t run our operations based on conventional paradigms, that somehow our businesses will suffer. I promise you, they won’t. 

I’ve seen it time and time again: what happens when we, as business leaders, nurture the awakening of our symbiotic relationship to all of existence. We bring ourselves to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual enlightenment, and experience this magical symmetry, symbiosis and connection with reality, and with others. 

And from that place of interconnectedness, a new energy enters the world of our business. We’re able to infuse our work with wisdom from a deeper place of consciousness, from an altruism that’s not coming from knowledge, or from the fear of the worst trajectories that could arise. We can come from a place of “Yes,” and live the potential of what we can imagine and generate and create collectively together. 

I invite you to embrace the fact that we – yes, you, me, and all the business leaders worldwide, – have a profound impact to make right now. 

Then embrace that our businesses, right now, have an effect on the totality of the whole. 

And let us all, with honesty and integrity, and immediacy, bring ourselves into alignment with that truth. 

We ARE changing the world. 

Let’s change it for the best, not even the better.

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