I was asked a really funny question by a young entrepreneur. It was, “Should I go for it, crushing my business now, going strong? I know I have to put my family on hold, and when I make my success, I will come back, and I’m going to clean it all up.” 

I went, “Oh, please, don’t go down that route.” If there are any of you who are like that, don’t go down that route. I’ve been married for 30 plus years, I have two beautiful children, 20 and 22 years old, and I’m going, “What a foolish way of thinking that was,” because I had the same attitude as this young entrepreneur.

I’m just going to cut to the chase: it’s foolish, foolish! There is no making up of time. There is no making up for connection time and quality time. There is no, “Let’s get this goal now at the sacrifice of my family.” It’s not worth it. 

No matter what you can scheme, no matter what great idea you have in your mind, no matter how well you can justify that thinking, at the end of the day you’ll be sorry, your family will be sorry. Because that time can never come back. 

Equilibrium is the new success. 

Equilibrium – total balance, harmony, and flow among all aspects of our life and work – is the ancient wisdom, needed right now, for this type of erroneous thinking. We cannot buy time, and love, and connection from the future, and somehow pay it back or negotiate with reality.

Here’s something that I’ve discovered within all of us. There’s this illusion within ourselves that one day when we’ve earned enough, when we’ve checked this mark, when we’ve got enough accolades, businesses…you name it. You name whatever “enough” is for you. We think, When I’ve attained that goal, then I’ll be free enough to do what I really want to do. 

This is the ultimate illusion, the freedom illusion. It’s within all of us. 

Some of us also are predisposed to the love illusion: One day, when I’m recognized enough, heard enough, find the right person, I’ll be loved enough to be happy – that’s the love illusion. It’s an illusion of the ego.

So, how do we conquer this illusion? 

We have to look at these aspects of our thinking and say, “You know what, that’s a road I’m not going to climb up or walk down. I’m not going to go down that road. I’m going to come into sanity, into this moment, into this presence, and recognize my beloved family. My loved ones are precious now. And their precious hearts, their precious souls are wanting me and my presence today.

But don’t relegate it to the future: for some of us, it might never come. 

Dispense with that freedom illusion, that “One day when I’ve done this, then I’ll be finally free.” What is the freedom you have right now? I have the freedom to be here, to share and express right now. I’m not in some laborious camp right now, digging away at something. I have the freedom to be me. 

You already are chock-filled with freedom; even the freedom to receive this message, freedom that very few beings on the planet have. Enjoy the freedom that’s here. Let it grow, acknowledge it, have gratitude for it, appreciate the freedom that’s here. And from the freedom you have now, celebrate and enjoy sacred time with your family. Reverse the impulse to delegate, or relegate your freedom and love to the future. 

Bring the sweetness of this presence that you have today, which is your biggest gift. Your presence is your biggest gift to your family. Now is the time. Today. 

Today, find the way, make the investment. 

The returns are infinite. The return is your soul back.

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