One of the biggest challenges we have in business is staying motivated for the long term –finding that daily consistency in our actions; steadily fulfilling our intentions, day after day. 

To scale with ease and confidence, we must embody the steam train. Unlike the racehorse, who bolts out of the gate at full sprint, ready for a few breakneck rounds on the track, the train starts off slow – and eases into its full speed. 

Travelling at a steady rate, the train gathers power, strength, and energy. Trains also stop when they need to refuel, pausing to let things come and go – passengers, goods, etc. In this way, they are able to cross entire countries. 

Now, how do we cultivate the steadiness of a train?

We must allow ourselves to become devoted and dedicated to our vision and mission as a conscious choice. 

I believe that we are all divine individuals, that inherently have the power of choice within us. This is our strongest, most essential power within our being. 

It’s not what we do with our choice, but that we have choice itself.

We can align our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts, our identities, our actions, behind our choices. That’s a profound power you and I both have.

Let’s take a moment and feel that power within us, the power to choose a direction, any direction. This energy is the masculine aspect of claiming our vision, claiming our desire, and going forward with focus towards it. 

When we do make a choice, it’s critical that we stay in the seed of it – right in the seed of it. This is how we maintain our steadiness. For what happens as we move forward with that choice and bring it into action, is that we generate resistance, opposing forces that test and balance our energy. 

Resistance is primarily emotional. It may seem like it’s coming from outside of you, from friends, family, colleagues, teammates. It may feel like it’s too much, too hard, too difficult for you to proceed or to stick to your decision. While it is important to honour and acknowledge all the emotions that can arise, the key is to stay disciplined in your choice and not to waver. Otherwise, you may succumb to any emotions – from yourself or from others. 

Emotions are valuable; they give us profound feedback. They give us expression of our inner terrain. They allow us to engage and feel the joys and sorrows, the highs and lows of life. But if you make your decisions and take actions purely based on your emotional fluxes, then you’ll be like a cork bobbing on top of water. However wavy the water is, however much turbulence there is, you’ll bob and splash, at the whim of the water.

Whereas if you are choiceful, you are the navigator, you’re the rudder in the water, you’re the sails that come up and point your ship, that’s steady in the face of anything.

So, my friend, this essential power of choice can be nurtured, cultivated, honoured, but first you must feel it. 

You might wish to declare, or to meditate on these words: 

“I have the power of choice.” 

In the midst of anything that comes up today that might be stressful, that might try to steer you off your concerted intention for the long term, come back to this power of choice and tell yourself – ”I have this power of choice.” 

Assert this; express it.

“No, it’s my choice.” 

“Yes, it’s my choice.”

Being rooted in the power of conscious choice is what allows you to scale your business with ease and confidence.

With this energy inside you, you will be able to discern and to drive your business with a new alertness, wakefulness, and effectiveness. 

Keep stepping forward with the steadiness of a train, leading with the clarity of your conscientious, bright, awake, and intentional choice.