My highest vision for us as business leaders on this planet is that we become a unified force. A force of such great power and synergy and action that collectively we bring our genius, our power of creation, to the table. Together we look into each other’s eyes, we hold each other by the arms, and we say, “You know what? Ourselves, individually, can create great good and power and magnificence in the world. But together, our power is INFINITE!”

My vision is that we do that, we come together, we see what our unique gifts are, our talents, and we bring them together, and we ask, “What is the vision that this planet is having for all of us?“ Not just our own individual vision and mission, but what this earth plane, what the divine, what existence itself is pouring into us. A collective pulse to birth, to draw forth.

In this vision, I see us listening to that pulse. I see us meeting the synergy that’s already here, and rising up, all of us, saying “Yes!’” to that vision. We say “Yes!” to dissolving and letting go of our individual egoic structures, and missions, and visions. We are choosing to see, and feel, and find ways to unify our visions and missions, like a mycelium network all throughout this earth plane. I see us growing this great, moving, transmission of unity and synergy through our capacity to create in the forms of entrepreneurship, in the forms of these great inventions that we are able to bring forth, great services that we bring forth.

From this place, we are birthing everything from a place of Oneness. We’ve had spiritual experiences of unity through all types of inner journeys. And these journeys have brought us to a place where we know, we know in our being, that there is this one collective evolutionary life force that’s living us, that’s compelling us, that’s moving us into a unique and new form of utopia on this planet. One that is attainable, reachable, within our lifetime. That vision has been birthed right now, and all we have to do is join it.

I believe all of us have this vision in some form – to come together, to arise together, to bring the fullness of our intention, of our ingenuity, of our intellect, of our powers of manifestation and action, and galvanizing others with our leadership for the highest good of all.

May all beings on this planet drink from the well of unreasonable happiness. 

May they experience the power that we can generate and bring forth. 

May all beings who have less than we do, be replenished and brought together by the power of our clarity, and by the wholeness, goodness, and wholesomeness of our hearts brought into alignment.

It is the time for us as leaders to unite. I invite us to do it, to do it now, to reach out to the people in our circles that we know that we need to join and align with. To relax, and drop our egos, and say, ”Yes. I’m here for you, brother/sister. I am here for you, Humanity. I am here for you, Earth.”

And we must unify NOW, without recourse, without holding back. A shift is happening. We must commit ourselves 100% to this alignment, because we know that 99%, for a leader, is a slow-drip poison. It is here; the tipping point that is calling upon us. Let’s join in.