It doesn’t matter what you achieve, it doesn’t matter what you attain in this lifetime, it doesn’t matter what grades you get, what smarts you have, what physique you’ve developed, what intelligence you’ve gained, what inventions you’ve created, unless it’s for the greater good. It’ll only have certain units of expansion.

You must start feeling, start cultivating, a sense of, “My power is part of an interconnected, invisible grid that goes around the world, with billions of beings in it and of it, and I have a unique shining, I have a unique light, a unique switch, an architecture that will uplift, and magnify and awaken the greater whole.”

How many of you are willing to know that, feel that, and live that?

That is the ultimate power.

To recognize, I AM of worth, I AM of influence, I AM someone who deserves to be here.

What’s next is switching from the gaining of power to helping others find, and release, and activate their own power. What happens when you do this is magic will start to unfold in your life. There’ll be a vortex of potentiality that’ll start to awaken in your being. It’s a metaphysical richness. It’s a form of awakening that happens, where now you go from ego, to win-win, to something that you won’t even recognize. It goes beyond description, beyond just being “good,” just being “helpful.”

You become a walking Sage.

You become a transmission of light and love.

You become a change in the world through your transmission of Being.

You become a master of simplicity, and a master of service.

And the more you empower others, the more the Universe gives you a path that goes beyond the struggles, beyond the pulls of every day, and you will start entering realities and experiences that are attuned magnetically to the vibration of the world you have just entered. In this world of interconnectedness and true, transcendent power, everything is possible.

We are aligned to create a profound impact in the world, as we transmit the frequency of unity, of self-sustaining bliss, of connection, and of true wisdom.