How much should we be out there, “crushing it?” Entrepreneurs face this internal struggle every day. How much willpower should I use, to ensure that I’m achieving success, success beyond my wildest dreams? 

This motivation to “crush it” is a natural desire. It feels like the pull of joy and passion within us entrepreneurs. Especially when we start young: we’ve got a lot of great ideas, we’ve got a lot of vision and energy that we need to fulfill in our being. Our youth and our passion spark the Yang force within our being. 

This Yang aspect within ourselves, which wishes to exert willpower to forge our own path, derives from the desire to demonstrate to ourselves and to others – our family, father and mother figures, at a psychological level – that, yes, we are successful, by our own sweat, by our own brow. Cultivating this particular passion, this crushing attitude, is very fundamental and essential for any individual to self-create their vision. Yet there’s a very real dark side to crushing it, and we sometimes might not even be aware of it when it arises.

This wisdom comes from the Dao. And that is, if you exert excessive willpower, you’re generating excessive potential energy forces in the universe that will return to counterbalance you. Too much crushing it, pushing it, burning both ends of the candle, will initiate a reciprocal energy in the universe that wishes to counter this excessive push. You’ll be dropped on your ass in some way. Some people call it karma, some people call it the “return of the wave of excess.” 

So, how do we deal with this quandary? Developing the WarriorSage mindset is very essential. For sure, we must continue to refine and express our Warrior in its positive attributes. Remember that the Warrior is our Yang energy: “Let’s crush it, let’s get through anything, let’s create what we wish, let’s put our full willpower to this, let’s work incredible hours, let’s just make massive action happen.” As you’re cultivating and exercising this energy, give equal attention to its counterpart, the Sage, which will keep you in sanity, in relaxation, and in a visioning state. The Sage is our Yin force, that which invites us to lower the importance of our external achievements, and focus on attuning to the frequency of our innate abundance, power, freedom and love.

To cultivate your Sage, ask yourself: “What do I really wish to create? What do I really wish to have? What’s the emotional reason behind this desire for me to conquer, to make that million, ten million, hundred million, billion? What feeling would that give me?”

Now, the magic is in visualizing, imagining, creating the feeling that we are reaching for through our willpower – right here, in our present circumstances, without exerting any effort at all. What does it feel like to attain ten million, hundred million, a billion? Go to that feeling state, where your goal is already achieved. 

Then ask yourself to drop in deeper. What willpower can you let go of, being already fulfilled in that feeling state of already achieving that outcome? How much more can you rest, can you relax into your being, and allow all outcomes to detach from you? 

This is key: whatever you wish to create out there with your business and vision, start lowering importance around it. So, as you let go of the attachment of the outcome, this is a Imagine you have a dial inside you that reads: Importance. Visualize this dial over your ideal outcome, and turn it down. Relax. 

Of course, the feeling of importance drives us, but it is more powerful to move towards what we want from a neutral emotional place. The Warrior is in a place of groundedness, precision, and clarity, but without the “Rah-Rah-Rah!” 

The more you relax the importance you’ve placed on objects and circumstances and outcomes, the more you will be able to turn your vision into concerted, clear, step-by-step direct actions, which you will be able to then take without wavering.

What’s interesting is that practicing lowering importance through this visualization causes synchronicity to emerge. These are the moments of opportunity, alignment, and resonance that evoke our deepest sense of success. The more you relax your desire for an outcome, the more you’re able to achieve the outcome in nonlinear ways. Some might call it magic, some might call it the law of attraction – whatever you wish to call it, universe and the universal laws will start to come to your aid, to your benefit. The reason for this is you are telling the universe, “I’m already quite fulfilled the way I am right now, thank you very much!” 

It’s from the emanation of your fulfillment, not the lack of it, that causes a type of natural flow starts coming towards you. When you create the experience of feeling fulfilled, you don’t need to move towards your vision; it starts moving towards you. All the things that you dreamed of, all the things that your soul really yearns for, all the desires in the depth of your being – not the superficial ones start coming to the forefront. 

So, my friend, from my own life discovery, I’ve come to recognize the power of harnessing both the Warrior and Sage archetypes to create a new type of fulfillment and success in your being. Yes: use direction, use Yang force, use your willpower, but make sure you tap into the ample gifts of Yin energy by releasing  and surrendering the importance of whatever you wish for. 

Lastly, recognize and trust that relaxing your “crush it” muscle doesn’t mean you’re a failure. When you realize this, joyfully, you can watch as reality comes to your beck and call.