When I started on my entrepreneurial journey, I was on fire. I was young, looking at the greats of the time, wondering what I had to do to achieve similar success. I saw rich people, real estate moguls, folks who had lots of money, and I said, “I want that.” Money equalled freedom, and the passion for freedom was thick in my blood. My father was an entrepreneur, and his father before him. I was born with the desire to use my creative power in this way.

While not everyone hears this call, many do. If you’re reading these words, I’m sure that within your soul somewhere, you have a great passion for freedom. If you’re an entrepreneur, you will recognize that at some point, that passion was ignited in you. Your soul said, “I want to create my own freedom by creating my own business, by crafting my own reality, by being able to do what I want, when I want, how I want, at my whim, at my pleasure.” The desire was awakened within you. 

For those of us who are following this passion to generate our own freedom, we know we have this incredible power, this creative life force inside us, and that sometimes it’s raging. We want to create an incredible amount of businesses; we want to grow and expand 10x, or 100x. We want to gather funds, we want to gather investment, we want to gather teams, we want to make stuff happen. It’s just a natural part of our energy, and it’s important to appreciate it, own it, and love it. It’s important to honour your desire to manifest and create, and to bring to the world your goals and your visions. 

At the same time, I want to let you know that following this desire to see your success manifest is just the beginning of tapping into the true depths of your evolutionary life force.

There is an experience of life that is far deeper and more satisfying than achieving even your greatest goals. 

That is, from my experience, entering a place of profound wordlessness – a type of transcendent peace, a state of flow that births a life of miracles, synchronicities, and tranquility of being. This place is the source of our personal enlightenment.

Once you’ve attained certain units of freedom, and you know you can attain more freedom, then ask yourself this question. 

It’s a burning question, and it’s a question of the ages. 

Who am I? 

Who am I that wishes for this lifestyle, this way of expansion, this way of being? 

Who am I, before I put on these identities of a business person, a driven individual, a person who wishes to conquer and crush it, and make things right, and bring things into reality? 

Who am I?

If you keep asking this question, you’ll start hitting places where you don’t have an answer. You’ll start sensing that a lot of responses you have to that question are just superficial identities that you’ve been wearing around very close to your soul, thinking that that’s who you are, and acting out from those identities. But I assure you, there’s a deeper aspect of yourself that goes beyond any identity. Take a moment, if you would, and feel for that right now.

Feel who you are, here and now. Let that emanate, and you’ll notice straight – there’s one who’s being aware right now, feeling, conscious. We can call it spirit, soul, the witness. We can call it many names, but let’s dispense with calling it anything, and just be aware of it. 

Expand this awareness of self. 

Now, the secret I want to share with you is, when you make the discovery of your true self to be your highest value, your highest virtue, your deepest goal, you will reach a freedom that cannot be achieved by desire and will alone. You must truly cultivate the desire to awaken to your true nature. Ask yourself, “Who am I?” Say to yourself, “I really want to know myself, beyond all my identities and labels, beyond all the concepts the world can give me.”

When you cultivate a thirst for awakening, and make that your priority, then you’re starting on a path which will bring an incredible energy to your life. You’ll enter into the deep mystery of life, into a divine experience that cannot be found in the world of the material. It is beyond words, beyond money, beyond mind.

In my own experience, when I tapped into this current of questioning, I started changing from using an intense, driving energy to being far more spacious with life. Life, and all that I need within it, comes to me. I experience great joy in my relationships, in my wealth and my fitness – it comes to me, but I must meet it. I must be willing to drop my identities and meet life with my true self in the heart of the mystery.

I’m going to invite you into that mystery, because guess what? You’re headed for it anyways. All your searches on the outside, whatever they seem to be about, are really, ultimately, the search for what and who you truly are, and the nature of life. If your desire is to “crush it,” crush yourself, until there’s no identity left. Whatever remains – live your life from that place. 

Then, you’ll be on this path of total freedom, that transcends anything that you can purchase, you can gain, or lose.