Many of us are on a solid path of business growth and expansion. Some of us might be in challenged states, struggling or working to get things back on top. Whatever state you find yourself in, you know it takes a lot of personal energy and a tremendous amount of fortitude, presence, and hard work to take a business wherever you wish to take it.

As we go down this road of business growth, there’s this part within us that is seeking something deeper.  If you’re reading this, you are probably certain of it.

See if you can feel this aspect of yourself now.

You might already be very in touch with this feeling that you’re seeking something deeper. You might have gone down certain roads of personal growth, learning from different workshops, seminars, teachers, and books on self-help and leadership.

If you have even an inkling of that instinct, you are aware of your consciousness, and that your mind is a tool – just like any other tool, any other functionality in your system. You know that you can either use it at its highest operational level, or you can come from a diminished state of being. 

As entrepreneurs, it’s so obvious that our state of mind, or state of being, our attitude, makes all the difference to our achievement of success, and also to how we deal with challenges. In fact, it IS the difference.

If we come from a defeated state of mind, it affects us. Everything becomes slower. Our recovery time becomes longer when we’re in a defeated state, when we’re in a triggered, angered state of being, when we’re in a feeling not being good enough. All these types of emotions, they bog us down, they cost us money. We’re less influential. It’s harder to close a deal when we’re in these negative states of being. You know this.

So, how do we deal with these energies within us, the ones that bring us down and slow us down? At the same time, how do we deal with the seeking, the calling for something deeper? 

Well, the first thing I would suggest, my friend, is to take a moment right now and feel for that part in you that wishes to know more, to seek more; the seeker, the one yearning to have a deeper experience of life. 

Usually we put all types of distractions on top of that: sex, drugs, rock and roll – you name it. Let any distractions go for a bit, and allow yourself to fully honour the one that desires to connect with a deeper knowing of what life is about, of what you’re about, what you’re here for, what your calling and deepest mission is. 

Take a moment and feel all of that. You don’t have to arrive at an answer or any grand insight. Just become aware of this presence of the seeker. 

You see, when we feel for that seeker, and we give space for it in our life, we’re giving ourselves another type of vitamin. 

A French philosopher said years back that, “All of mankind’s problems come down to not being able to sit in a quiet room by yourself for a while.” 

The number one most important thing you can do is to make the time to go sit with this yearning for truth. Give yourself a time of quietude, and remove yourself from the intensity of the sensory overload it takes to be an entrepreneur. 

Make time to go be in nature, to pack your bags and take a few days off, and get into the earth. Feel fresh air, be with the water. Feel the Sun on your body. Have time where no one can call you, touch you, contact you, where you don’t even bring your tools of contacting the world with you. Leave everything. Give this sacred calling your full attention, this yearning for something deeper – a life of greater depth. 

This vitamin you’re giving yourself is that of deeper consciousness. It sounds like a highfalutin term, but it simply means being able to relax with who you are, being able to be quiet, at peace, and undisturbed.

Come to this place of rejuvenation with mother Nature, with the nature of yourself, in this deeper state of inquiry. Just investing in the time and space for that alone is a boon to your spirit. 

I promise you, when you really feel this and take action and give yourself that space, something will happen. I’ve seen this over and over again with countless entrepreneurs. When you dedicate this time to get away from the world and come back to yourself, back to honouring this calling for greater depth, greater self-understanding, life understanding, there will be a force that enters your world which will start to synchronize and make things happen. The things that you think you should be keeping your eye on – I bet you, some of it will sort itself out. The things that you don’t need, the things that weren’t working out – some of it will fall away, and if it falls away, you will realize you didn’t need it in the first place. 

It’s about trusting that your removal from all the minutiae and doing will bring about a deeper movement, that comes from a greater source of power.

Give yourself this opportunity to attend to the mystery of the unknown, to attend to the calling for greater depth. And I assure you, your bank account at the end of the day, your spiritual account at the end of the day, your emotional account at the end of the day, and your self-worth at the end of the day will be fortified.

Give it a chance. Take the risk. Go into nothingness.