In my experience with cultivating transcendent leaders, in a very simple easy-to-understand model, I’ve discovered there are three stages of leadership.

The first stage of leadership is having a sense of power over others. 

The second stage is having a shared sense of power with others. 

The third stage is realizing the greater purpose of your role as a leader.

Let’s break these down.

The first stage of leadership is a classic power trip. Megalomania at its worst. It’s characterized by exerting power over others, telling people what to do, putting oneself in a superiority position, and demanding, pushing, or bullying in its extremes. 

This leadership model is very much installed in our hierarchical business structures. It is inherent in our infrastructures, in the way we organize.

When we recognize this, we have a choice: either we enlighten this perspective within ourselves, or we continue to default into the natural, human base instincts of operating from first stage leadership. 

This type of leadership is coming from the human ego, not necessarily from our enlightened aspects of being. It can only take us, and our organizations, so far.

The second stage of leadership is a sharing form of leadership, a more evolved leadership. It’s now seeing the equality, the value, the virtue, the possibilities, the capacities in our teams. 

This is a very valuable phase to move into, evolving from trying to demand a higher percentage of productivity from people, because that relegates them to units of chattel. 

And people are not chattel. People are people.

In this day and age, second-stage leadership is embracing that businesses are built by the interactions and the relationships of people. 

And the healthier people feel, the more joyful they feel, the more positive they feel, the more they feel connected to purpose, meaning, and goodness, the more they’re drawn into and happy to join in the collective success of a company.

Our job in the second stage is to move ourselves from egoic dominance into finding the win/win. We do this by looking, seeing, and honouring the highest attributes in our teams.

Now, there is another stage that I feel some companies are ready for, one which we all ought to move towards. 

For the courageous, I’m going to invite you to really ponder bringing this philosophy into your workspaces, especially if you already have a win/win mindset. 

The third stage of leadership is recognizing that we are here for a greater whole. For a mission and a purpose beyond what we can even imagine.

Evolving into third-stage leadership means learning to set down the imprints, the traditional ways in which we map out success in our organizations, and to sit and go into a quietude, a place of silent power. 

In this place, our task is only to connect with the simplicity, the spaciousness of nature itself. To slow down our rhythms, to come back into the rhythms of the spirit of life. To imbibe and infuse ourselves with the sacredness of nature. And to allow from this space of quietude, replenishment, and joy, a vision that yearns to be birthed in the world. 

This vision is something you are also following as a leader. 

Something that’s moving you, far more powerfully than numbers and ROI. 

Something that’s stirring your soul. 

This sacred flame of purpose is a gift. When you’re willing to surrender, and claim, and own, and foster, and give your own precious life force, to care for this delicate gift of enlightened leadership, it will grow you. 

It’ll make your spine stronger over the years. 

Your resoluteness and your courage will grow, but not in a gregarious, external form. 

You will feel the silent forms of power and confidence that garner trust, that inspire people to give you their time, their conviction, and their hard-earned labor, to move towards the direction that you give them, following the inspiration and the visions you weave. 

Why? Because third stage leadership is coming from the soul

I believe that each business, each organization has a soul – truly, a soul – that is here to bring and fulfill some purpose for the greater good, including for all our teams and our Selves. 

All it takes to unlock this stage of leadership within you is the willingness to open deeply, to seek and inquire after your purpose for existence.

This process of self-realization is the beginning of your transcendent leadership. May you be stirred to pursue this path, one that awakens the Warrior within you and brings out the greatest wisdom, the Sage within you, too.

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