There is so much about leadership out there. So many great books. So many great leaders who are inspiring us with their wisdom and experiences. And I believe it’s up to us, as leaders ourselves, to infuse ourselves with these stories and teachings; to learn from the greats; to become vessels of all the wisdom and knowledge that stands before us in this day and age.

It’s a great responsibility that we have as leaders. And it’s also a sweet responsibility. We must lead from a place of congruence, heart, character, and depth, and paint visions and missions that inspire those who wish to follow our leadership.

The humbling paradox, the secret of being a world-class leader, is that we must always also be a follower.

Our leadership must magnetize people into alignment, into cohesion, into camaraderie; into heart connection; into unified clean, clear lines of execution, without wastes of energy, without meanderings of ego, without pecking orders, and without all the silent, untold communications and interference patterns that live within the psychology of so many organizations, driven by everyday human dynamics.

Many of the problems we have in leadership can be solved, at least on an inner level, by recognizing that we are all followers. No matter what level and degree of leader we are, we cannot be master guides, impact makers, or influencers until we’re willing to find something that we are absolutely totally willing to follow.

For me, what I’m truly willing to follow till the end of my days, till-death-do-me-part, is this calling within me of love and integrity and truth. I’m willing to follow the impulse of love, integrity, and truth in my life, regardless of anything. Because it has always proved me right. Love is the core of my essence. And when I don’t live in integrity with that truth, I always get derailed in some way. There’s always a backlash. I’ve learned that enough times.

So, I ask you, my friend, what are you willing to follow, even deeper than your daily to-do list and your annual report?

Is there some mission and vision in your soul and heart that’s calling?

Is there some divine impulse, some deep intuition that you yearn to follow? That you wish you could give yourself even more to?

Is there some desire in your heart and soul that you wish to surrender to, even more fully?

I’m sure there’s something.

I invite you to acknowledge what it is.

Perhaps write it down.

And I invite you to then go into that direction. When you do this, I promise you, your leadership will grow.

It will grow because you are cultivating in yourself a master follower, someone who’s following an essence that goes beyond time and space, beyond the superficialities of ego and gain. You’re following the great impulse that’s already there, living in all existence; the great impulse of life itself.

When we become a servant and a follower of life itself, we’ve become a servant-follower of all existence, of all beings. And then, we come into our highest position, our most honourable sweet spot, our most humble and most powerful place of noble leadership, enlightened leadership, transcendent leadership.

We speak with the softness that can stir hearts and souls.

Our simple directions and intentions create great waves of results and resolute actions.

This is all within us.

I invite you to surrender to your inner stirrings, to follow even deeper the calls of your heart, and to claim an even greater leadership in yourself as a servant of life.

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