Confidence is a much-sought-after attribute in leadership.

Obviously! When you find, and you develop, and you cultivate this sense of inner certainty, you feel like you’re able to take on any challenge, any experience, anything that comes your way with your fullness of being, without retracting, collapsing, falling down, or breaking down.

We have many ideas of what confidence is, but I want to share with you a counter-culture idea, something from the mystical troves of the paths of the WarriorSages. 

And that is the relinquishment of any desire to gain confidence.

Now, think about this for a moment. 

If you didn’t ever have to invest one iota at all, any more, in any way, to gain or build confidence, and all you had was the confidence you have right now, how would you live? 

How much more energy would you have?

Well, the secret is this: the paradox inherent in the gaining of confidence, is that ultimately by focusing on gaining confidence, you’ll be seen as someone who’s projecting confidence rather than having real confidence. 

Real confidence takes time. It’s built over failure; by having the humility to look at our failures and extrapolate the pearls. 

It means continually asking yourself: 

  • What is the wisdom I can gain from this? 
  • What is the new strategy I can build from my failures? 
  • What can I learn from the failures of other people in parallel circumstances? 
  • What is the advantage in this situation right now?

We do not need to fail the same way twice, or the same way as anyone else. We can learn from observing ours and others’ experiences, and shift our focus to avert those same tragedies, those same potholes, the same restrictions. 

True confidence is built by piercing the moment with awareness, seeking and finding the advantage of any circumstance.

To build real confidence, you must maintain that type of determined awareness in all situations, especially in the midst of chaos, especially in the midst of turmoil, especially when things are intense, when you’re making business deals, a lot of things are happening, and challenge after challenge is coming your way.

You must find the warrior inside you, pierce through your circumstance, and draw the wisdom out of it, just like a hummingbird would drink the nectar from a flower. This is what truly builds confidence. 

You must find the smallest advantage in your struggle, and build upon that. This ability to find the wisdom of the moment is your superpower. It doesn’t need any more bolstering. It simply needs to be cultivated and brought to the forefront of your life. 

This superpower also comes with a silent power. Silent power is the resting in the infinity of who and what you are. It means never leaning into anything with excessive willpower, or acting with superficial confidence. It means never pushing to gain status in some heroic drama you’re living out from the deep recesses of your psychology. Nor does confident, silent power mean retracting back and leaning away from reality. It is not expressed by being laissez-faire, checked out, disassociated, or numbed down with all types of distractions. 

Having silent power means coming to that equilibrium centre-point in your awareness, where I myself, You yourself, and We ourselves are whole and complete, already.

What is that place in yourself, my friend? 

What is already complete and whole? 

I invite and I challenge you to bring it to the forefront now. 

Embody it with your breath and your being.

Rather than exude confidence, be the master you already are. In the quietness of your own humility, in the ease of your breath, and in the joy of knowing that you have a vision and a mission – perhaps realized, perhaps on its way to be realized – one that’s good for the greater whole. 

To rest in being. 

That’s the ultimate confidence.

Anything less probably won’t satisfy you.

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