CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Executives – we all face challenges. The allure of success can bring many blessings and a lifestyle of abundance and joy. The road to achieving higher levels of success can also meet challenges and at times, these challenges can impact high achievers and cause set backs. Our next guest Satyen Raja Satyen teaches with clarity, power and provocation. In his presence you are compelled to search within and to draw out your latent abilities. Through dynamic examples, compelling stories, mind-expanding experiences, spontaneous humour and proven practices, Satyen motivates, provokes and inspires you into accepting and cultivating your own greatness. Satyen’s focus on bringing the teachings into your physical body and into your real life, rather than just lecturing, sets him apart from other teachers and empowers you to make lasting changes in your life. This episode will leave you with a sense of higher awareness and wisdom and may even challenge you.