The feeling of being lost and purposeless in life has a big impact on our relationships.  Men and women have a deep need to not only connect with each other, but connect to a bigger meaning in their life.

Satyen Raja is an expert at helping us develop the higher levels of purpose & evolution in our lives – and this affects everything from our work, our relationships with our partners & kids, our fitness and our level of satisfaction with our lives.

His ‘4 freedoms’ is an extremely useful exercise to helping you keep your eye on your highest self – especially if we’re suffering in feeling lost and without direction.

This episode, largely geared toward the men, will challenge you and give you a toolkit that dramatically increase your relationship and life satisfaction if you apply them – listen carefully for the exercises and grab a notebook, because these ones are important.

Here are a few of the highlights:


  • How to create a relationship where both partners are learning from and inspiring one another [13:00]
  • Satyen’s number one thing he’s learned as a man in relationship to his wife [15:00]
  • Men & women triggering each other & how to deal with both [17:00]
  • How men can listen better in conflict without being a ‘doormat’ [18:00]
  • A martial arts technique to calm down when you’re triggered [19:00]
  • The “4 freedoms”  for accelerated evolution and higher purpose [22:00]
  • A 10min exercise men can do to bring more presence to their partner [30:00]
  • How to move toward more meaning in life [43:00]
  • Satyen’s “Accelerated Evolution” trauma-release technique [49:00]
  • Satyen’s advice for men who are stuck or lost in life  [61:00]