[00:00:27] Chris: Welcome to the Total Freedom Podcast, today it’s my honor to be with Satyen Raja and we are here to talk about total freedom just like we do every single time. Now let me tell you a little bit about this amazing man who I’m just getting to know so were going to an exploration and learn more about him on this episode. He’s the founder of The Warrior Sage Group of Companies and his prove himself in creating and running multiple successful conscious companies and that’s one of the big things I love, is the conscious company so excited to talk about that. He’s a well guided secret adviser mentor and [00:00:58] a high power leader, circus of globe offering experiential training for martial arts to the art of generating money and creating passionate love, so Satian, I am so grateful to have you here. Thank you for spending some time with us in the Total Freedom audience and I don’t know where this going to go so Im excited for this spontaneity of it.

[00:01:20] Satian: Thanks for having me Chris. And the topic of Total Freedom is very close to my heart. One of my events is about total freedom, and it’s close to my heart because freedom is a value, it’s one of my highest values. So you can grow where you’re up to this is really going to be awesome.

[00:01:39] Chris: I love it and leave it this start right on that then, I have my own definition of freedom but what’s yours? When we hear the word freedom what does it mean to you?

[00:01:50] Satyen : Well really simple, one of my mentors Kevin Nations, he shared this model with me of apps, freedom standing for apps. So for me the freedoms are having the freedom of my faith, my capacity to believe in myself, the forces of the universe, the divine, so faith, family, having freedom to have time with my family my wife, my beloved children to enjoy my time and experience with them. So faith, family, finance. To me money, there’s only one purpose of the money and that’s to create life experiences. That’s it. So to be able to generate, freedom with my wealth to be able to create life experiences I want. And that’s fitness, so fitness to me means having my body, my spirit, my being [00:02:37] alive so I can fulfill my mission have a great time, have awesome adventures, great sex and great energy to do it, to really live this juicy life that we have. So really for me to be able to what I want, when I want, how I wish coming from my soul and my mind unity. Not just from my ego or from my shallow itself, but from the totality of my being.

[00:03:03] Chris: What a great explanation, and I love it. And it’s so align brother that a I don’t even need to share my definition, so align so that’s perfect. So let’s start it by hearing your story and how you moved yourself into this place of where you are today, what your excited about, would love to reintroduction to the man of [00:03:28].

[00:03:30] Satian: Well, I came from Easternian family, hard-working business family. My father side was all very entrepreneurial for many generations back Easternian family. My mother side are also social reformers, Gambians, doctors, people [00:03:44] so very conflicting in some ways from traditional view [00:03:49] of business vs spirituality or social care versus growing business so I had this conflicting energy’s growing up as a child. In my heart I wanted to just serve everyone and then from the other side of me is I have to take care of myself, my business and growth that. So my journey has been really taking that [00:04:13] and getting tied of reason in between those and learning to unify them. It started [00:04:19] my induction to martial arts when I was a boy. I got deeply involved, I saw this TV show Kung Fu by David Carradine and when I saw Bruce Lee, something in me I want to become that. I didn’t have a words for it as a boy but I just knew that’s what I wanted.

[00:05:53] Satyen: I consider myself, yes people consider me a teacher but first of all I consider myself a professional student. That’s been my journey and I created an organization called Warrior Sage in ’99 and my wife and I Suzzane who co leads events with me. We’ve been distilling all what learned in our practical life for 29 years of marriage and having two powerful growing teens and our home, and the beauty of our relationship that what we’ve just been sharing that with tenures of thousands of people through the years and our current focus is we work with leaders who really have a feeling that there’s a next level of destiny. That they trying to live into. And we serve them to live into that greater destiny.

[00:06:45] Chris: Right, and that’s huge you because and I just want to appreciate you as a human being and I think what you’re bringing in, I can feel it already. And Im sure the listeners across time and space can also feel just the congruency that you came from. It’s really quite something so, honored to have you here. And I think that such a great space is moving those leaders to the next level. We seem to be in this, 2016 seems to be an amazing year and the ladies are getting cold forth and the things that they’re dying just would not die. The things that seem to be falling away are just so, so amazing to me. So, I’d love to hear what you think the new leader looks like. The new person who’s going to lead.

[00:07:36] Satyen: Certainly, you know. Well first of all I feel business leaders are the most influential people on the planet right now in this era. We are more powerful than religious figures of the past, were more powerful than the political figures, in fact we own them. That as business leaders this may not be a nice thing to hear but the reality is we carry a tremendous mode of influence. And in the work that I gave you. Share about three stages of consciousness as a simple model. The first stage is ego and be focus on self and gain. The second stage is on sharing and equality at [00:08:20] balance, harmony and I feel that there is this growth going from this ego based gain just me based into this re based. But I feel them there’s, when Im entrusted in where my heart calling in missioners is those who are already understanding this view point and can relate and can be active of this view point of having a higher level of affinity with other beings not just being egoically self-centered, they’re ready for another level and I feel that’s the level of transcendence, destiny for the sake of all beings. Let me sound lofty and you know what it is, but we need this, I feel level of loftiness this level of depth, we need it now, more than ever. The next level of leadership is that, the awakened leaders, what I call it like will be transcendent leader, one who recognizes that they must take care of self, society and that they’re plugged in to that divine mission. A divine awakening, that’s where we’re at. I feel that where we need to go.

[00:09:32] Chris: I love it, and a lot of our listeners are cold to leadership and that’s the leading of the ship, the leading of others and I really see there’s movement into meaning, true meaning and you know there’s a lot going on out there we see we’ve got the elections in the US happening and the whole world are focused on that. Craziness, and there’s a lot of craziness happening and I think, and Im in a movie coming up later this year with [00:10:01] [00:10:01] and Tony Robins called “Rise Up” and it really seems that we’re in this [00:10:07] of were either we’re going to shift and rise up. Why should not see on the option cause the other option is not good the way. Right there aren’t we? That everyone is a leader not just the business leaders I think its [00:10:20] [00:10:20] to that, that leadership. So I would love to dig out some gold nuggets on leadership from you. So maybe just a broad scope of leadership from the business owner to the parents to the person that’s inside the company leading from the bottom up which we all know they can. What would be the things that happen to hit the most when I asked you what’s important for a person stepping into leadership.

[00:10:51] Satyen: Well you know there is a principle and accuracy [00:10:55] vulnerable question I like to ask myself which dials into this and I am inviting everyone who’s listening to ask this of themselves to really listen. Very simple question that is what must I do on myself today to live, to love and to die completely without regret. I allow myself to let that question landed myself daily and helps me navigate and get in touch in my highest core values. And then I act on it. This is the key so if I would ask you that my friend what must you do today, this week to live to love so that you could die completely without regret. Can you share to me what would be those things for you?

[00:11:53] Chris: I can share you lots. I think the number one thing that pops into my head is showing up more authentic through my You Tube and video channels. because in telling great are truths. Actually no, there’s something even more important and this is beautiful and this came through me last night is I’ve been sitting in a lot of judgment and judgment of things I thought I wasn’t judging, for example I have a lot of people in my past who haven’t step up and step out in created businesses and done the things and don’t believe that living to the full potential. And so last night Im doing some self-work on myself and I’m going “Am I judging them?” ” Am I judging people who don’t live their own potential? ” And my excuse was ” No I’m not judging, I’m polarizing Im pulling them to me.” But then I looked into it deeply and I said ” Okay but what is judgment? Judgment is not thinking that it’s okay. Judgment is looking and I go” I wouldn’t be okay having a friend or an acquaintance or anybody who didn’t step out and be moving towards their greater self and so the one thing that’s come through me today and from last night that Im sitting in this huge [00:13:25] is how do I, who was the person who has created an identity around helping his many people to live freedom. Make it completely okay for people to choose not to hurry [00:13:40] them. And to help them anyway. And this is what Im sitting in, so what a great question.

[00:13:47] Satyen: You know when you bring up my friend is what I call my work antagonistic polarities. [00:13:54] [00:13:55] so should I care for others and evoke them and provoke them into living their freedom. Or should I release and surrender and know that, that’s their own path and let it unfold and just watch placidly as beings live their life. This is the fundamental polarity that many of us in the helping world have. Imaginably drawn to serve and make a difference.

[00:15:41] Satyen: You asked me what can we do? I think this is what we do. We ask that question and we live it. That makes us a leader and we start living our own selves. That brings units of energy been choice back to us and away from the popular emotion.

[00:17:14] Satyen : Freedom for me is to source your own truth, rather than be suck into the popular emotion that’s constantly being evoked by media.

[00:17:36] Chris: Yeah, most of them don’t understand that each moment that their energy is moved to something else that pulling into their life even more.

[00:18:23] Chris: There’s a lot of talk about, I don’t turn my TV

on or I don’t listen to this, or I don’t do that. And then I’m posting that in Facebook. And I feel this social media thing that is just replaced that crackly magazines a lot of times and my challenge to the listeners is this to really hear this and don’t let your attention go.

[00:18:47] Satyen : Well I’d love to share about that because as a warrior sage we looking for this one particular energetic within ourselves. We checked it within ourselves and that’s the energy of self-importance. And self-importance shows up in two unique ways. The first one we all know about the brandishing yourself as the big shot or the boastfulness and the saying that your more skillful. You’ve done more than what you actually done. We all know about that form as self-importance. I called that loud power. Then there’s the opposite and that’s the rule is me. That loud power, although you may get adherence what’s the quality of it adherence you’re going to get?

[00:20:05] Satyen: So loud power, this exaggeration of yourself importance creates a balance in force that happens in your own reality and one of my mentor said to me ” It’s better to be humble all the time, than to be humiliated all at once. “

[00:22:10] Chris : And it’s good I think a wise man learns from other people’s mistakes and other people experience and its huge. It’s saying that I love it and I think it really encapsulates what our saying is, “If you don’t go within, you go without. And if you just stay without, you’re going to go without.” And there so much it is external freedom that we seek but it literally starts, it starts in here as your shade. So I can agree more I feel I have said the right ten times. Everything that [00:22:40]. I feel we need to have a second episode, because we are ourselves get ourselves to the end of the time. So I’m going to schedule that up for us so we can continue this.

[00:22:52] Satyen: Yeah, I would love to invite everyone is to go through an experience we can do together. Where everyone can experience total freedom in consciousness within 10 minutes. Next time we do that we’ll do that. I think we’ll have fun with that, alright?

[00:23:05] Chris : Ride on men! Ride on! I think so. So, what I would love is I would love to finish up today in this episode with any final comments or final pieces that your heart feels you need to share to the audience today. And also just leave us where they can find information from you.

[00:23:22] Satyen: Absolutely. Well you know because your whole topic is total freedom I’d love to share the essence of that for me. And what it is for me is there’s the capturing in creating of freedom but if we’re doing it in a place of we’re not already free unfortunately we created a paradoxical that firing effect. It’s a way to create real total freedom is to see where am I already free now, and free to sit with you and have this wonderful discussion. After this to go meet my wife and kiss her and enjoy a meal. When we look at where are we already free. ” How am I already free? ” One of my other mentor said ” When you want what you have, you’ll have what you want.” So my invitation and challenges. First, to look at where are we already free? Live that and don’t be so egoically seduce [00:24:26] anymore freedom. Paradoxically we’ll gain more freedom by enjoying, acknowledging, and embracing the freedom we got right now. In this moment.

[00:24:40] Chris : I love it. I just need to type that down that is such a good quote. ” When you want what you have, you’ll have what you want.” that simply puts some things that I’ve been trying to [00:24:54] to people. That’s beautiful so thank you so much. You’ve got websites and what’s the places that people can go in there and learn from you as well?

[00:25:05] Satyen: My main website is warriorsage.com. and we have a community there. And I have events, live events, retreats and I also do online trainings. So those of you who are inspired by this [00:25:21] you can get it on our community listener and be invited to those.

[00:25:25] Chris: I love it, and just from this Im going to check out and have a look as well. I thank you for something special and really look forward to number two. What we do some live 10 minutes getting centered and getting into consciousness and getting into flow. I think it’s going to be really good. So thank you so much for your time.

[00:25:47] Satyen: Your welcome! I really love who you are, and your vibe, and you’re the authenticity that comes after you. And everyone who’s listening today blessings to you guys and go ahead create more total freedom. It’s awesome!

[00:25:58] Chris: Thank you so much and have an amazing day! And everyone out there listening, live with total freedom. Free your mind, free your time free your life so you can do what matters most. Have an amazing day! Tune in next time! To toll free and podcast, my name is Christopher Duncan and today we talked to Satian Raja and what a pleasure it was! Tune in for the next episode where I get him back! And we go through some more things. Bye for now!